9 SEO Trends you need to watch out for in 2022

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most effective organic marketing method to help drive relevant web traffic, generate leads, and eventually sales and profit. However, with Google updating its algorithms and ranking factors from time to time, you will notice changing SEO trends. An SEO expert Singapore can help include these trends while developing strategies for your business. This blog will share some SEO trends you need to watch out for in 2022.

SEO Trends for 2022

The following trends will become more popular in 2022. Learning about them and including them in your strategies can help you outrank your competitors. Let’s discuss them further.

AI transforming SEO

Artificial Intelligence or AI is transforming industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, etc. Therefore, it doesn’t need much guessing that it will change SEO in many ways. A marketing survey report showed that marketers use AI to understand consumer behaviour, develop improved content marketing strategies and improve productivity.

AI helps SEO experts analyze the performance of their website and content on SERPs. It focuses on – understanding and determining the intent of the user’s search query and fetching the most relevant results accordingly.

Content related to a search query

You will also notice that SERPs will no more display misleading titles with irrelevant content. Google’s improved algorithm can recognize relevant content according to search queries. As a result, you can expect search engines will display high-quality content that the users will find useful. Moreover, Google can also identify the reliability of the links included in the content.

Personalized results according to recent searches

Google is working to improve the search experience of every user. Therefore, they will try to provide the information based on the history of their previously-visited pages and frequent search queries. As a result, the SERPs can display the results to users according to their interests.

Voice search is becoming more prominent on search engines

We all know how voice assistants such as Siri, Goggle Assistant, etc., have popularized voice searches. Moreover, smart speakers such as Google Home Taking and Alexa are taking it to another level high. Therefore, one can easily guess how voice-based searches will dominate search engines in the coming years. Keeping it in mind, SEO strategists need to change their marketing strategies accordingly. For instance, people usually use longer phrases during voice searches. Hence, targeting longer and naturally-sounding phrases can help in voice search optimization.

Mobile responsiveness continues to be a critical factor

Studies showed that more than 50% of all internet traffic originates from mobile. Understanding the significance of this fact, marketers need to ensure the mobile-friendliness of websites.

Besides, Google also announced mobile-first indexing. It implies that they plan to use mobile versions of your website for indexing purposes. You can consult a digital marketing agency to make your websites mobile responsive.

Videos will rank higher than text

The popularity of video platforms such as YouTube, Reels, TikTok, etc., reflects users’ interest in visual content. As a result, visual content has become a critical part of effective SEO strategies. Including videos in your website can improve SEO as people find such content more engaging than textual ones. Besides, they can help drive more web traffic and help improve your search rankings. As a result, many brands and marketers include videos and images in their SEO and marketing strategies.

Google’s EAT principle

Google clearly stated that it would prioritize high-quality and reliable content over the traditionally-optimized web pages. It didn’t outright ignore the significance of traditional SEO. It means the existing SEO practices are still critical. However, the focus has shifted towards quality and credibility. As a result, it will rank pages based on EAT principles – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

Long-form high-quality content will rank high

Long-form content has been the basis of SEO for a while. The average top ranking pages on Google contain roughly more than 2000 words. Longer content is usually more detailed and provides in-depth information about specific topics. Hence, brands and marketers prefer to create and publish longer content in the coming years.

Updating existing content to improve SEO

Over the past few years, updating old content has become an effective SEO strategy. Usually, fresh content is likely to rank high on search results compared to outdated content, especially if it is more than two years old. However, creating new content involves lots of resources. As a result, marketers update their existing content to improve traffic and get optimal results from their initial investment. This trend will continue to grow in the coming years as well.

Updating existing content offers various benefits. As users look for new information, they prefer to click on search results based on their publishing date. Hence, Google displays the last updated date when you update your content. It helps earn audiences’ trust to get more relevant information and increase its click-through rate and web traffic. Besides, updating content can help you align your content to the latest algorithm changes and survive the competition.


Therefore, being mindful of these trends while developing SEO strategies for your website can help you achieve better search rankings and traffic results. Elevan August Media is an SEO agency Singapore that offers its clients a wide range of SEO services. They are updated about recent SEO trends. As a result, they can help develop customized strategies to improve your search rankings and drive relevant web traffic. It is crucial for earning leads and improving sales and conversion.

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