How to Generate Quality Backlinks to your Website?

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Search engines consider link building as one of the strongest ranking signals. However, most often, our link-building activities are limited to commenting on blogs or guest posting. They have advantages; however, you can also include other activities when developing strategies to generate quality backlinks. An SEO expert Singapore can help develop strategies to earn backlinks from authority websites. In addition, this blog will also share a few helpful tips to generate quality backlinks to your website.

Tips to generate quality backlinks to your website

To improve your site’s authority and rank high on SERPs for relevant search queries, you need to generate authority backlinks consistently. The following link-building tips can help you in this regard.

Earn backlinks with HARO

One key aspect of SEO is understanding your audience’s search intent. Help A Reporter Out, or HARO, is a platform that provides users with information on various topics. Moreover, it helps users earn top-quality links and drive organic referral traffic.The following steps will help you use HARO effectively for earning quality backlinks.

Step 1 – Sign up on HARO as a source.

Step 2 – Select the category you feel you can contribute further.

Step 3 – Regularly check your email inbox for queries from bloggers and journalists.

Step 4 – Reply to the requests in categories in which you or your brand is an expert.

Step 5 – You may need to wait for a few weeks to earn a link from an authority website

Publish Evergreen Content

SEO experts suggest publishing evergreen content can improve the likelihood of earning quality backlinks. Content that is not time-sensitive is considered evergreen content. Instead, they stay relevant after a long time they have been published.

These posts help you rank high on Google and attract more backlinks. Moreover, it is quite difficult to outrank such evergreen content. The following steps can help you create evergreen posts.

  • Identify keywords with decent search volume –Use keyword research tools to identify keywords with decent search volume. In this regard, ensure that the selected keywords are not seasonal. Instead, they should have maintained a consistent good search volume for the last few months.
  • Create 10X content –Now that you have identified the target keywords for your posts, it is time to create content. For this purpose, ensure they are 10 times better than the content ranked high on SERPs for the targeted keywords.
  • Refresh and relaunch – When you create and publish evergreen content, it may rank among the top 3 results on SERPs. However, you may notice a drop in organic traffic or ranking with time. As a result, their ability to earn backlinks will also reduce. In this situation, you need to review your content from time to time and update it with fresh insights. It will help maintain the relevance of your content and continue generating backlinks from authority websites.

Create Infographics to build backlinks

Infographics are popular mostly on social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In addition, they can help improve your SEO and drive more web traffic.

Websites that publish infographics can witness a growth in their traffic by approximately 12% compared to the sites that don’t publish such content. Unfortunately, many people wrongly assume that it takes a lot of time and effort to design infographics. As a result, they avoid creating infographics.

It is one mistake that you should avoid. The reason is infographics have the potential to generate high-quality backlinks for free. Moreover, you can use various free design tools to create visually appealing infographics. Besides, our professionals at Elevan August Media can also help design infographics for your website.

Once you have your infographics ready, it’s time to promote them. In this regard, you can consult an SEO agency. As a part of SEO services Singapore, they can submit your infographic to relevant submission sites. You can even reach out to bloggers and offer them to use your infographic for free for guest posting.

Link Roundups

Link Roundups are daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts that link to the best content in a niche. Usually, individuals must follow a process to submit links to the targeted page. First, you need to identify the roundups related to your industry and create high-quality, valuable, and relevant content for the same accordingly. You need to research to understand the quality they seek in your blogs and articles for accepting them.

Start your podcast shows

Did you know? Creating podcasts can help you earn backlinks from a high-authority website. In addition, podcasts allow you to have more creative control over your content. Besides, it allows you to show your expertise in your industry.

Submit your content to resource lists

Many websites compile lists of pages and sites based on industries. These websites can be standalone directories or are operated by bloggers. You can reach them through an email requesting to be linked or submit your content to them.

Guest Posting

When developing a link-building strategy, an SEO agency Singapore is likely to suggest you contribute to guest posting. It is one of the critical link-building strategies that can help you earn backlinks from reputed sites. The following are some actionable strategies that you must keep in mind when contributing to guest posts.

  • Identify authority websites – Earning a backlink from a single high-quality website is always preferable to earning backlinks from multiple low-quality sites. Hence, you must search for high-quality websites in your industry. You may extend your search to related or overlapping industries if you find it difficult. For instance, if you are a fitness brand, you can contribute guest posts to a health website and vice versa.
  • Research thoroughly before reaching out to them – Identifying an authority website for guest posting is not enough; you must prepare your content ideas. However, it will help you provide an overview when they respond to your request. The unique your content idea is, the higher the chance of the websites to accept your guest posting request. Moreover, you should also not ignore the relevance of your content.

Elevan August Media is a trusted digital marketing agencythat can help develop effective link-building strategies for your website. The purpose is to improve your backlink profile by generating quality backlinks from an authoritative website. In addition, it will further help drive organic web traffic from various external sources, which eventually will help improve your search rankings for relevant keywords.

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