7 ways we have used Google Analytics to develop Digital Marketing Strategies

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Google Analytics is pretty important for digital marketers. This tool makes the process of acquiring and analyzing web data easier for marketers. Further, they can use this data to develop digital marketing strategies to achieve various business goals. We will discuss how this tool has helped us, Elevan August Media, develop our digital marketing strategies in this blog. If you also want to use Google Analytics to develop strategies for your future campaigns, read further.

Benefits of Google Analytics for Digital Marketers

As we have mentioned earlier that Google Analytics offers a wide range of benefits to digital marketers. Let’s find out more about how we have utilized this tool to our advantage.

Track the source of web traffic

One of the most significant advantages of Google Analytics is that it would help you track your web traffic sources. Based on our experience, we suggest you install Google Analytics after you developed your business website. It would help you gather valuable data concerning web traffic from the initial stage.

Identifying the primary sources of your web traffic will help you develop your future digital marketing strategies better. By this, we mean that you can decide on which digital medium to focus more on while developing strategies. It can be search engines, social media, creating backlinks, email, etc.

 You can further check the geographical location of your traffic. It can help you target audiences from those regions specifically. You can reach out to a digital marketing agency such as Elevan August Media. Our experienced digital marketers can help you understand the know-how of Google Analytics to develop strategies accordingly.

Understanding audience’s behavior

Another effective way you can use the Google Analytics data is to understand the behaviors of your web visitors. The following are the critical behavioral metrics that you should check on Google Analytics.

  • Pages/sessions

  • Pageviews & unique page views

  • Average session duration

  • Bounce rates

  • Top pages and their performances

  • Site search

Tracking various behavioral metrics on Google Analytics would help you identify the page with the most engagement. You can also check whether your users are revisiting your website. Acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones is equally crucial for the growth of every business. It is critical to understand the way your users are interacting with your website. It would further help you determine the way to interact with your customers. For example, if you could understand the type of content that helps drive more traffic, you can create similar content.

Data report and customization

Another benefit that Google Analytics offers to digital marketers is the customization of reports, dashboards, etc. When you develop a digital marketing campaign for a business, you might need to require different data at various stages. Google Analytics can help you with that. It contains a large variety of user-generated premade reports that a beginner may find helpful.

Additionally, with the help of the custom report feature, you can create other shareable reports faster. It would help you to make data-driven marketing decisions accordingly. Besides, you can set a custom alert to send you a report directly to your email when your website reaches a specific milestone. Usually, a digital marketing agency Singapore can send you these customized reports to help you understand how well their digital marketing strategies work for your business.

Improve online advertising

Every digital ad platform allows you to track and monitor your ad performance. Installing Google Analytics would help you determine how successful your ads are in driving the audience to your website. Once you understand your audiences’ actions on your website after engaging with your ads, you can optimize your ads accordingly. It would further help you to reduce advertising expenses across different channels and improve ROI.

This tool allows you to track the performance of individual campaigns and their links. For instance, while running social media ads, advertisers usually run multiple ad campaigns with different targeting options. With the help of Google Analytics, you can determine which campaign is performing better on your website. Based on this data, you can optimize your other campaigns accordingly. Additionally, this tool also allows you to track the metrics of different advertising sources in one place. It would help you determine the ideal platform to run your future advertising campaigns to improve ROI.

Improve SEO and content marketing

Digital marketers use Google Analytics to track the performance of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. As you can check the performances of individual pages of your website with Google Analytics, it would help you understand the type of content your audience prefers. Also, you can determine the factors that have contributed to improving search rankings. It can be the optimal use of keywords, engaging topics, or any other factors.

Further, you can connect the search console to Google Analytics. It would help you to identify important keywords and pages for your brand. You can use the search console independently. However, combining the behavioral data and the SEO metrics would help you understand the role of SEO efforts in your overall strategies. Google Analytics analyzes every aspect of your strategies. It helps to determine which strategy needs modifications to improve performance.

Identifying target audience

Google Analytics also helps you to identify the target audience for your brand. It is critical because the better you understand your audiences, the better you present your content to them. The success of your digital marketing efforts depends mainly on identifying and targeting the relevant audiences.

You can gather crucial demographic information about your audience using Google Analytics. It includes their location, language, age, gender, etc. Further, this tool categorizes your visitors based on their interests. The process is similar to Google Ads. Therefore, you can use this data to reach audiences for your ads better. Besides, creating audience segmentation will help in targeting them effectively. Identifying the ideal audiences that engage more from the rest will help you develop strategies and content targeting them specifically. It will encourage them to visit and buy more, thereby leading to higher ROI.

Optimize websites

If used wisely, Google Analytics can help you identify the areas you need to focus more on your website. For instance, suppose you notice an increase in the bounce rate among mobile users. It means that as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to optimize the mobile version of your website.

You can also test different website designs and monitor data to determine which one your audiences prefer most. It would further help in modifying your website designs accordingly.


It’s free

Google Analytics is available for free. Hence, every brand nowadays creates their Google Analytics account for their website. However, we advise you to audit your analytics set up regularly. Otherwise, you may end up with insignificant data that might influence you to make not-so-wise business decisions.

Elevan August Media is a boutique digital marketing agency Singapore. We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions to businesses. If you are new to Google Analytics, we can help you identify crucial data for your website. Further, we would work with you to develop digital marketing strategies using this data to improve ROI for your business.

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