Effective strategies for Facebook and Instagram Advertising during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The effect of COVID-19 pandemic on countries worldwide is not just limited to the health of the population. It has affected various business and consumer behavior as well. While at this time of crisis, it is important to practice responsible social media marketing. At the same time, you can use this period to build a personalized and a lasting relationship with your audience. This will eventually help you in the long-run when the situation across the globe will return to normalcy.

Useful Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies amidst COVID-19

We hope that the following Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies will be beneficial for you during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Extend your High Performing Ads

At this time of crisis, you are doing what is best possible for you to protect your employees and support customers. However, no one is advising you to stop putting efforts into business marketing or advertising. The only aspect is you need to be considerate and responsible in your approach.

As a result of changes in the staff of Facebook, it is likelier that there will be delays and errors as they increase their reliance on reviewing new ads. This is also applicable to commerce listing. This implies that if you submit new ads or edits to the existing ones regarding the heading, images, etc, they will have to undergo a new review policy. To avoid such issues you should extend the delivery period of your best performing ads during this time. You can also consult any Facebook advertising agency regarding the same.

Improve brand awareness among your online audience

During this time, as more people are staying at home for their protection, they are likely to spend more time browsing online on various activities. Various business websites have also witnessed an increase in organic traffic. Since this is the time, people put a lot of attention on contents, you can create ads focusing on the products and services your business offers. You should also highlight how it can benefit them when they are ready to purchase in the future. You can take the help of any agency offering Facebook advertising services to understand how to promote your business on Facebook.

Additionally, you can also keep your audiences engaged with the latest news concerning your business. You can also engage them by

  • Offering promotional sales

  • Gift cards

  • Encouraging them to post a review

  • Shopping online

  • Ordering reviews

This form of engagement will be beneficial for small and local businesses as well.

Generate new Facebook leads

Irrespective of the nature of your business, if you practice email marketing to engage your audience, you can utilize this time effectively. You can generate new leads and add them to your email marketing list for future promotions. This will eventually help in your business growth in the long-run. You can take the advice of any professional Facebook advertising agency to understand how to grow a business on Facebook.

With the help of a Facebook lead ad campaign, you can pique interest among your audience with content. You can also encourage them to signup for an email newsletter campaign. This is an effective way to generate leads. In this regard, you also should note that while creating lead generation forms, you should keep it to a minimum. Asking for more information can lead your audience to opt-out from signing up. Asking for a name and an email address will be sufficient in this regard.

Focus on Remarketing Campaign

Cart abandonment is a common and most dreaded feature that usually scares eCommerce business owners. You can use this time, to engage with your previous website visitors. Encourage them to take any action on your website by offering something that you believe could help them at this time.  You can also engage in remarketing to the ones who have engaged with the content on your Facebook and Instagram business page, by liking, sharing, commenting, etc. Use this time to segment your audience to present them with more relevant content that would improve engagement. Any Facebook advertising agency can also help you in understanding how to use Facebook for advertising.

Test new ads among the Audience

If you are thinking of testing your new ads to check whether they help in improving your audience engagement, you can do so at this time. For this purpose, we advise you to create new ad sets rather than using an existing one. This will help you in a better understanding of their impact. You can compare them to your high-performing ads. This will further save your time in analyzing results.

While testing new ads, you can check by targeting an audience based on their interest, preference, demographics, etc. You can also test ad copies, including CTAs and headlines. You can also check landing pages, their design, and the creatives of your ads such as videos against images.

Try Facebook and Instagram Live

During this time, no one is denying the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the local businesses. Therefore, we would advise you to turn your business online during this time. If that is not possible at this crisis period you can engage with your customers – both existing and prospective through Facebook and Instagram Live.

Since common people are practicing self-isolation and social distancing at this present time, they are likelier to seek opportunities to connect with people virtually. You can try answering their question in real-time, arrange webinars, etc to keep your audience up-to-date regarding all that your business is offering in this situation.

In this regard, you must note that while organizing a live event, you should ensure clear and high-resolution broadcasting.

While we all are going through a rough phase, we need to be hopeful that the situation will improve with time. To stay better prepared for the future, you can use the above-mentioned Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies.

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