Effective use of Social Media for the Growth of Your Business

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With about more than 2 billion users across the globe, social media offer a great opportunity for the growth of your business. If used wisely, you can earn various benefits for your brand or business from this platform. With the hype that goes with social media marketing, you might wonder ‘what the fuss is all about’. In this article, we will help you understand how to grow business on social media efficiently.   

Improving rankings on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

While many people have varied opinions, no one can deny that social media can improve the rankings on various search engines. With the increase in the number of shares on social media, the domain authority of your website also increases. This, in turn, helps in improving the ranking of your pages on search engines.

Many consumers prefer to visit your social media profile for a better understanding of your products and services to make a purchase. Therefore, the more people will visit your social media profile, the more it will help in improving your ranking of social media pages, which would further improve the possibility of your appearance on the top-ranked pages on search engines.

Improve organic traffic

The main purpose of using social media for your business is to improve organic traffic to a website. This theory was also supported by the report of Social Media Examiner that stated that around 78% of small business enterprises admitted that they use social media for improving the traffic.

To use social media like a pro for improving organic traffic, first, a social media profile is required to be created on a relevant social media platform. Any advertising agency in Singapore, based on your target audience can suggest the relevant platform for your business. Different types of social media are frequented by different types of audiences. Therefore, to make the most from these platforms, you must create content meant specifically for them. For instance, if you have created profiles on multiple platforms, you would be required to create individual and personalized content for each of them. A strong online presence will help in generating quality leads who can be encouraged to purchase your products or services. You should also include social sharing buttons on your website that will prompt your audience to share the web content on various social media platforms.

Improving the quality of leads

While social media plays a big role in generating leads, it is equally important to improve the quality of the leads for their successful conversion to business. As per the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, submitted by Social Media Examiners, more than 65% of small businesses have an online presence on social media for improving leads. At the same time, the research conducted by Ascend suggests that improving the quality of leads has become a difficult task.

 The first step any social media marketing agency usually suggests is to promote gated content i.e, the content your audience will find relevant and interesting. You can

  • Include visually attractive graphics

  • Include a call-to-action button that will create a feeling of urgency

  • Write specifically for your audience

Keep a Lookout for your competitors

One important aspect of the business is keeping a lookout for your competitors. Facebook, along with other social media platforms provide a great opportunity to monitor the activities of your competitors. Based on the content they are sharing, or the campaigns they are conducting or the way they are interacting with their audience on their Facebook business page, you can have an idea of how to use Facebook for advertising and other purposes. The same applies to other forms of social media as well. You can learn from your competitors and take inspiration from them by using social media. By comparing your activities with them, you can understand whether they are doing better business than you and you will find the answer to ‘how’ as well. However, it is strongly suggested not to blindly copy them, as what works for them might not work for you. You have to formulate strategies based on your business highlights and your audience. With the help of a competitive analysis, you can learn from the mistakes as well as the achievements of your competitors and also understand your position in the competition. Various tools are available to help you make this type of analysis.

Spreading brand awareness

You can take the help of an advertising agency in Singapore to spread awareness regarding your brand or business. It is important, as consumers tend to purchase a brand they are familiar with. In comparison to the traditional form of media, social media helps you reach your target audience faster and conveniently. It is important to spend a considerable about of time in developing visually attractive relevant content by including multimedia files with texts for your audience. You can also include your brand logo and the tagline in the content in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on the minds of your audience without overwhelming them.   

Gain the trust of your audience

While considering various tips regarding how to use Facebook and other social media for advertising, you must remember that these platforms are not just limited to the promotion of your business or selling your products and services. Social media offers you a great opportunity to interact with your audience, gain their trust and develop a group of loyal consumers. This will in turn help in the growth and expansion of your business.

To gain the trust of your audience, firstly, you need to create unique, authentic, relevant and most importantly engaging content for your audience.  You might collaborate with an influencer to promote the products and services you offer. Generally, influencers share personal experiences that establish the credibility of the products and services they are reviewing. Therefore, it is important to find a relevant influencer who would be ideal for your products and services. Various platforms and tools will help select the right influencer for the right brand. 

Establishing your brand as an ultimate authority

A social media marketing agency can guide you in establishing your brand as a topical authority in your niche market. In other words, your brand will gain a reputation as an ultimate source of information regarding any particular field. To achieve this authoritative position, you will be required to post relevant content regarding your field regularly. This will help the search engines in acknowledging you as an authority in that specific area. The higher authority your website would hold, the higher the amount of quality organic traffic it would attract, which would also help in establishing the reliability of your website.

Conversion to actual business

While improving organic traffic and improving the quality of leads is important, the main concern for any business is how to grow business on social media and generate revenue. For this purpose, you can include the following features in your website

  • Call-to-action feature – This encourages your audience in taking an action. You must use this feature effectively to prompt your potential consumers in making a purchase. It can be earning reward points after making a purchase or coupon code for making a purchase.

  • Promotional offers or giveaways after a contest – Another effective way for the successful business conversion is offering discounts or organizing contest with assured giveaways. This type of approach is quite effective in motivating a consumer to make an actual purchase.

Therefore, with the help of all these useful social media, marketing tips, you can effectively grow your business and earn more revenue.

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