How Is Facebook Used As A Social Media Marketing Tool in Singapore

Top social media marketing company Singapore based uses Facebook as a platform to help their clients grow revenue

“Facebook is for old people!”

“Facebook is so 2012!”

“Facebook is boring.”

Many people, including brands and marketers, have written off Facebook in the past few years. And it’s a BIG mistake!.

The platform still boasts 3.06 billion monthly active users — the highest among all social platforms. 

In Singapore, until January 2023, there were 3.3 million Facebook users. It’s the third most visited website in the country.

Still want to discount Facebook from your digital marketing strategy?

Every top social media marketing company Singapore based uses Facebook as a platform to help their clients grow revenue. How?

Reaching Out to More People

With millions of Facebook users in Singapore, your potential customers are just a scroll away. 

However, simply blasting out random messages won’t be effective. The key is creating consistent, engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

You’ll organically start showing up in their newsfeeds by frequently sharing valuable posts, stories, and updates that cater to the interests and needs of your desired customers. 

Over time, this steady stream of quality content will help you build brand awareness and expand your reach. 

Complementing this with strategic boosting and promoting of top-performing posts can further amplify your visibility. 

Engaging the Audience to Build Brand Awareness

Okay, so you’ve got people’s attention. Now what? 

Savvy marketers know this is where the real magic happens — actually making people care about your brand. 

We’re talking sparking conversations, sharing stories that hit home, and taking the time to genuinely engage when someone interacts with your posts.

Think of your Facebook page as the hangout spot where everyone feels welcome and heard, where the barkeep knows your name and your usual. That’s the kind of community vibe you’re shooting for.

Driving Sales With Paid Ads

Now for the pièce de résistance — making sales. 

Facebook’s paid ad capabilities are like a digital billboard on steroids. But instead of shouting the same message to everyone, you can get granular with who sees your promotions. 

Trying to re-engage visitors who didn’t buy on your site? Easy. 

Want to find totally new audiences that fit your ideal customer profile? Easy.

With the right Singapore social media company by your side, these ads become laser-guided revenue drivers that you can tweak and optimize in real-time based on what’s working.

Ready to Level Up Your Facebook Game?

Mastering Facebook marketing is no joke. There’s an art and science to properly using all the tools and tactics out there. 

But when you get it right? You open up a new world of connecting with your audience and driving business growth.

And how do you do that? By partnering with a social media company Singapore with a proven track record, understands your industry, and promises a personalized strategy.

At Elevan August Media, we have a team of Facebook marketing specialists who have worked with many B2B and B2C clients to grow their brands’ presence on the platform. Contact us today to know more about our social media management agency Singapore.

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