How to Create a Social Media Marketing Budget?

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Digital marketing experts believe that creating a social media budget is crucial to determining the marketing resources required to achieve business goals. They can explore content formats and use various platforms to make the most out of social media marketing and advertising with a budget in mind. Consulting a social media marketing agency can help you determine your marketing budget based on your business goals. This blog will discuss some helpful tips to create a social media marketing budget for your campaigns.

The two crucial challenges that most digital marketers experience are supporting their goals and measuring ROI. If you cannot measure social media marketing ROI effectively, it would pose difficulties justifying your future marketing investments. Therefore, a social media marketing budget helps you monitor your expenses. It also helps you to measure your ROI and determine whether you are getting the most out of your investments.

5 crucial factors increasing a social media marketing budget

Businesses should consider the following factors when creating a social media marketing budget. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Business goals

You cannot allocate your budget effectively unless you determine your business goals. For instance, businesses focusing on spreading brand awareness should invest in paid awareness campaigns. On the other hand, if your goal is to earn more revenue and profit, you need to develop a sales-oriented campaign.

To get started, first you will need to check your goals and budget for the previous year and evaluate whether you have succeeded in achieving your goals within your budget. You should also consider whether you were required to increase your marketing budget and check the strategies that worked in your favour. All these are critical factors that would help you determine the resources for this year’s campaign.

However, if you are just starting out with social media marketing, consult a social media marketing agency in setting up your goals and marketing budget. They can help you determine the resources you should use in the initial stage, your campaign budget, and when to expect results.

Content marketing

Regardless of your social media marketing strategies, your content plays a crucial role in your overall marketing campaigns. Consistently creating and publishing visually engaging content for social media can help you achieve your business goals effectively.

In this regard, you need to determine the volume of content creation. It will further help you determine whether you want an in-house team to be responsible for content production or you want to outsource the job. Sometimes, brands often decide to hire a social media marketing agency to work alongside their in-house team to develop strategies and execute them accordingly.

Running social media marketing and advertising campaigns needs a lot of planning, effort, and investment of time and money. If your strategy is to publish a higher volume of daily social posts, it would involve a considerable marketing budget compared to businesses that publish a few times a week. 

Another effective way to produce a considerable volume of content within a limited budget is by encouraging your existing customers to share user-generated content. It can help meet your bulk content production needs. Furthermore, digital marketing experts advise to repurpose your existing content across multiple platforms. Repurposing content also involves post-production expenses, such as creating content in an audio or visual format, using graphic designs, etc.

Software and subscriptions

Using social media tools and software can enhance the efficiency of your overall marketing campaigns. Moreover, various automated tools can help schedule posts in advance and republish popular articles easily. Besides, social media management and analytics tools can also help measure your campaign performance to modify your strategies accordingly. Therefore, you need to consider a subscription to these tools when setting up a social media marketing budget. Many social media agencies use such tools to enhance the effectiveness of social media marketing. Hence, if you are outsourcing social media marketing to a boutique social media agency in Singapore, they will include the expenses of these tools while quoting you for your campaign.


Social media advertising involves huge expenses that you will need to consider when creating a budget. A significant percentage of consumers admitted that social media ads play a crucial role in purchase decisions. If you run social media advertising campaigns on multiple platforms, you need to determine a budget for each individual platform.

For instance, if you want to build up your audience on Facebook, you need to allocate more budget on this platform, and the same goes for Instagram. However, you can manage ads on both platforms from the same location and even serve the same ads to both channels. In this regard, you should remember that social media advertising needs to be tested for optimisation. A social media marketing agency will help run ads with different target audience options and content approaches on multiple platforms. Monitoring the performances of these ad campaigns will help you determine which one is working in your favour. It would further help you to shape future advertising campaigns. Hence, you should be prepared to allocate a sufficient budget for social media advertising.

Analyse your Campaign

When creating a social media marketing budget, you need to be flexible. The social media budget does not only include people you are hiring for social media marketing and management (an in-house or an outsourced team). Instead, it includes business goals, content creation, marketing and advertising, software used, etc. Therefore, continuously monitoring and analysing strategies can help you make crucial decisions, such as whether to stop non-performing campaigns and shift your social media budget to campaigns that help you achieve better results.

Elevan August Media is a digital marketing agencythat can help businesses develop effective social media marketing and advertising campaigns regardless of the size of their businesses. If you are wondering how to use different channels effectively for social media marketing or how to set up a budget for your campaign, do consult them. Based on your business goals, they can help develop strategies and set up an adequate social media budget for you.

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