How to create successful Facebook Ads for your Business?

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Facebook has emerged as one of the preferred advertising platforms for B2B and B2C businesses. However, you need to consider a lot of aspects to ensure the success of your Facebook Ad campaigns. You can consult a Facebook advertising agency when developing your business advertising strategies. In addition, we will discuss some tips in this blog to help you create effective Facebook ads that improve conversion.

8 Tips to ensure the success of your Facebook Ads

Creating an effective Facebook Ad for your business involves considering its formats, copy, image, designs, etc. Regardless of your business type, when used effectively, Facebook Ads can help improve conversion. Let’s discuss how you can create effective Facebook Ads for your business.

Format of the Ads

The first step in creating a Facebook Ad is to determine its format. You can hire an advertising agency Singapore to create Facebook Ads in various forms. The following are some preferred formats in which you can create your ads.

  • Vertical videos – As most people use their phones vertically, creating these ads can help you cover more of their screen.
  • Carousel ads – You can add multiple images to create carousel ads. These ads are ideal for brands to display their wide range of products to their audiences. It helps you show multiple images to your audiences at the same expense.
  • Moving ads – Ads with movements usually stand out in the Feed. Some examples of ads with movements are loop videos, timelapse videos, etc. You can create video ads from your images or animated stories using various apps.

Text of the ads

Now that you have determined the format of your Facebook Ads, it is time to move on to the next crucial aspect, i.e., the text of your advertisements. When creating ad copies, you need to remember the following aspects.

  • Image with less text – Experts found that whether for marketing or advertising, Facebook images with less than 20% text perform better. Hence, despite having no limitation on words used in images, you should use smaller fonts and fewer words for your ads to succeed. If you choose to create videos, keep as few words as possible to deliver your message.
  • Simple language – Use simple and easy-to-understand phrases and words in your ads.
  • The tone of the ad – Ensure that the tone of your ads should reflect its objective. For instance, if you want to target audiences at the consideration stage – your tone should be informative and genuine. On the other hand, if you focus on improving conversion, you need to follow a relevant approach.
  • Trigger emotions – Use an ad copy to help trigger the audience’s emotions. It will help improve the conversion rate of your ads.

Call to action

Using a call to action in your ad copy helps guide your audience into taking the next step. Remember the following aspects when selecting an effective call to action for your Facebook Ad.

  • Clear call to action – Use simple and actionable words in your ad copy to encourage your audiences to take the action you want.
  • Consider your objective – Once you are clear about the action you want your audience to take, it becomes easier to frame your call to action accordingly.

Supporting text

Besides your ad copies and call to action, the supporting text is also a critical aspect of your Facebook Ads. These texts should not be what you have already mentioned in your ads. Instead, it should guide your audience in the right direction. Ideally, your supporting text should be-

  • Short, simple, and clear
  • Use terms to grab the attention of your audience
  • It must include a clear call to action

Ad design

After determining ad formats and the text to use within the ads and supporting them, it’s time to shift your focus to ad designs. An experienced Facebook advertising agency Singapore can help create visually attractive Facebook ads for your business to improve conversion. Moreover, ensure that your ads are optimised for mobiles, as most of your audiences will likely access Facebook on their phones. Keeping the following aspects in mind, you can design better Facebook ads for your business.

  • Right aspect ratio – It refers to your ads’ height and width proportion. Facebook recommends using a 1:1 or 4:5 aspect ratio for video ads meant for the News Feed. On the other hand, for Facebook Stories ads, it is better to maintain an aspect ratio of 9:16.
  • Grab their attention in the first 3 seconds – You have 3 seconds to convince your audience to watch the rest of the ad. You may use visuals or texts to hook your audience in your ads.
  • Represent your brand – Use appropriate colours, images, graphics, fonts, etc., associated with your brand.
  • Use personal images – It’s a psychological fact that audiences will prefer watching your ads if it features someone’s face. You may use images or videos of your team members or existing customers using your product or services in the ads. Otherwise, you may use stock footage as well.
  • Use bright and contrasting colours – They are pretty effective in grabbing your audience’s attention to stop them from scrolling and checking out your ads.
  • Optimise for sound-off viewing – Many users watch Facebook videos with the sound-off. Hence, if your ads have dialogues or voice-over, add captions so your audience can easily understand them without the audio.

Audience targeting

By effectively targeting relevant audiences for your Facebook ads, you can improve their chances of success. You can target your audiences according to

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Behaviour
  • Interests
  • Online purchasing pattern

For effective audience targeting, you need to identify your target audiences. Unless you know your audiences, you cannot target them for your ads. As a result, despite huge ad spending, you may not improve your ROI.

A/B testing

You cannot optimise your Facebook ads without A/B testing. It helps you find the perfect combination of ad format, text, and designs that resonate with your audience best. You can create multiple versions of texts, visuals, and designs for your ad. Next, you need to create different combinations of these versions and monitor their performances to determine what works best for your audience. An advertising agency Singapore can perform A/B testing for your Facebook ads to help you identify the most optimal version of your ads.

Measuring performance

You need to determine the parameters against which you will measure the success of your ad campaigns. Instead of setting up too many metrics, focus on the ones that matter the most. You can measure your ad performances accordingly based on your business goals and objectives.

For instance, if your ad goal is to improve sales, an increase in views will not matter much. Instead, you need to check the number of clicks your links get or how many of them purchase from your website.

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