How to Drive Traffic from Instagram?

drive traffic from instagram

Driving web traffic is crucial to improve conversion and sales. As a result, businesses leave no stones unturned to create as many sources as possible to drive relevant web traffic. If used effectively, Instagram can also play a significant role in driving traffic to your website. Wondering how? This blog might provide you the answers you are looking for. Read further to learn about a few Instagram tips to drive traffic to your website. You may even employ the services of a boutique social media agency Singapore in this regard.

10 Tips to Drive Web Traffic from Instagram

The following are some valuable Instagram tips to improve your web traffic. You might be aware of some of them, while not so much of others. However, let us list all of them out for your better knowledge and understanding. It will help you to make the most of Instagram in driving web traffic.

#1: Include links in your IGTV video description

As opposed to posts on Instagram feed, adding links to IGTV posts is effective as they are clickable. As a result, it makes it easier for your audiences to click on those links to buy your brand offerings.

In comparison to other forms of content, videos are effective in influencing your prospects purchasing decisions. Therefore, it would be best for your business to develop a video strategy to help your viewers feel connected to the products and services you offer.

Furthermore, to ensure your audience checks your video description, including the links, you can add a call-to-action such as ‘click to learn more…’ or ‘find out more……’

#2: Add links to your bio

Another helpful Instagram tip for driving web traffic is to add links to your bio. Since these are clickable links that your viewers can easily find, they can work in favor of driving more traffic to your website.

However, while trying to use the link in the bio to your advantage, you might net with a few roadblocks. For instance, suppose you add a link in your bio. Then, when you create a relevant post for the link and publish it on your feed, adding a simple statement such as ‘click the link in the bio to learn more…..’ is enough. Next, let us assume that you change the link in the bio and create and publish a relevant post with similar CTAs on your feed after some time. Now, if your audience finds an older post of yours and visits the bio, only to find that the link you shared is irrelevant, it will lose its purpose.

To overcome the challenge, you can use various tools available in the market. These tools help you to create a landing page with multiple links. However, if you do not want to send traffic to these third-party tools, we have another alternative for you.

Instagram experts suggest creating a dedicated landing page on your website. You should ensure that this page is accessible across all mobile devices. Now, add a few options that don’t require your users to scroll down a lot. For instance, include one link for your list of products/services, blog page, individual social media pages, etc. Now add the link to this landing page on your bio.

Further, you can monitor Google Analytics to determine which page your audience is visiting from this landing page. Additionally, you can also get valuable insights about your audience and also track website conversions.

#3: Include links to your Instagram Direct Messages

Another Instagram feature that will work in favor of businesses is the Direct Messages or DMs. During any DM conversation, you can put relevant links. It is a simple yet effective method to share links with audiences on Instagram.

#4: Create a waiting list with ‘close friend’ DMs

Another effective way to prepare for improving traffic for any upcoming event or product launch is to use the close friends’ list feature of Instagram. It will help in creating hype for that upcoming event and also engage your audience.

To use this feature effectively, you need to create and publish a post on your Instagram feed mentioning how they can get added to the close friends’ list. Encourage them with a CTA such as ‘Follow Us’ or ‘Leave a comment,’ etc., to experience this honor. It would be best if you also propositioned a value that would encourage them to take this action. For instance, offer them what exclusive rights they can enjoy being added to this list. The more valued your audience would feel, the more likely they are to sign up to stay updated about the upcoming events.

 To keep them engaged and interested, send them updates on exclusive announcements, previews, behind-the-scenes content, etc. It will earn your audience’s loyalty and encourage them to purchase your products and services.

#5: Take advantage of Instagram Stories  

As we discuss the potential Instagram features where you can share relevant website links, Instagram stories are worth mentioning. You might be aware that business accounts with more than 10,000 followers and other verified accounts can share links in their Instagram Stories. However, even if you do not qualify for these categories, you can use the swipe-up feature to link your IGTV video. It brings us to our first point, where we have shared tips to drive traffic from IGTV video. Hiring a social media marketing agency can help you use Instagram in the best ways possible to drive web traffic.

#6: Build trust with Instagram Stories

Irrespective of the number of followers a business has, they can use Instagram Stories to drive a large number of relevant web traffic. Use Instagram Stories to engage and connect with your followers, breaking the professional barrier. The more you can emotionally connect with your audience, the better you can earn their trust. It will help create a positive brand recognition that will eventually help improve audience engagement, spread brand awareness, etc.

#7: Display top-converting stories

We all know that Instagram stories have a shelf life of 24 hours. However, with the help of Instagram Stories Highlights, you can extend this shelf-life to improve your visibility and audience reach. Therefore, you need careful planning to use this feature to your advantage. For instance, you can create highlights on your brand offerings to drive traffic and improve business conversions.

#8: Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are another great way to drive web traffic. When used effectively, it will help to improve your audience reach and promote your brand offerings. As a result, it will eventually help in generating leads and improve conversions. Your Instagram Ad strategy will vary based on your business goals. Consult a digital marketing agency to develop effective Instagram Ad campaigns for your business.

#9: Use the built-in shopping feature of Instagram

This Instagram feature not only helps to improve sales but also drives traffic. For this purpose, tag your products directly in your feed and stories. Then, based on the location of your audiences, they can either click on ‘Checkout on Instagram’ or ‘View on website.’ As a result, they can purchase directly from your Instagram account or visit your website to explore further. In any case, it would be beneficial for your business.

#10: Use user-generated content for marketing purposes

User-generated content plays a critical role in establishing brand credibility. Consumers consider these types of content as authentic and honest in comparison to an influencer’s reviews. You can repost user-generated content or ask your users to tag you in their posts. It will further help in improving your brand visibility and spread brand awareness. As it will drive more audience to your Instagram page, use the link-sharing options mentioned above to drive web traffic.

With appropriate strategies, you can use your Instagram account effectively to drive relevant web traffic. Elevan August Media is a boutique digital marketing agency Singapore that can develop appropriate Instagram strategies to drive more traffic to your website. Consult them for effective Instagram marketing strategies for your business.

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