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Having a Facebook business page means taking your business in front of more than 1.13billion people every day. And it’s huge, right?

This social media giant is rolling out features constantly to help businesses grow. With so many features available, you may get confused as to where to start. Therefore, you need the secret recipe to make your business successful on it. Here we’ve listed some ways to help you strengthen strategy of Facebook marketing for small business.

10 ways to strengthen your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Use a Fan Page to Strengthen Your Presence

Facebook marketing establishes strong relation between businesses and their audiences. Your one-to one interaction with them will make them feel valued. As a result, they will start relying on you. Consequently, your loyal followers will increase.

If you’re not much of a social media person, hire a Facebook marketing agency to do the same for you.

Set a Clear Goal

Having a clear goal is vital. Accordingly, frame your strategy to accomplish that goal. As for instance, you run a restaurant. Your goal is to boost your Facebook generated sales by 10% in the next 6 months. In such a case, you can include the followings in your strategy:

  • Upload your post every morning by offering something lucrative in that. For example, you can give coupon codes.

  • Feature one of your customers as ‘Ice Cream King or Queen of the Day’.

  • Ask your customers to share their photos enjoying foods you offer.

Setting a goal enables you to fathom your success.

Engage Your Followers

Any reliable company offering Facebook marketing service Singapore emphasizes on engaging followers. Create content your followers would love to like and share. Upload quality content regularly.

How to Increase Your Facebook Followers?
  • Adopt a friendly and conversational tone.

  • Share your updates at least once or twice weekly

  • Respond to your followers’ comments and messages regularly.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Want to expand your audience fast? Try Facebook Ads.

These Facebook ads are promotional posts. Anyone clicking on it will land on your website directly. Look for an experienced Facebook advertising agency to leverage the potential of these ads.

Facebook has huge data of your users. As a result, it will show your ads only to the genuinely interested audiences. Use its analytical tool to find out which ads have driven your sales and traffic most.

Explore Different Types of Content

When it concerns Facebook marketing, playing it safe may work against you. Here, by ‘playing it safe’ we mean posting the same type of content always.

However, uploading same type of posts may make your profile look monotonous. Explore various content types to spice up your business profile. Experiment with photos, videos, infographics, and so on.

Your audience will like some of the posts types. Others may not get such good response. Despite this, content variations are sure to drive engagements consistently.

Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Your content is of no value if people can’t see it. Never miss any chance of promoting your Facebook business page. This promotion will help you reach wider audience.

How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page? 
  • Share the page’s link on your timeline

  • Include a plugin of the page in your website

  • Include your Facebook page’s link on your business card

  • Embed a Page post in your blog

  • Put the link of your Facebook page in the emails you send

Make sure your Facebook page’s URL is simple. It’s because a simple URL is easy to remember.

Interact with Niche Influencers

Search for relevant influencers or businesses. Interact with influencers in your industry to extend your reach. Go for cross-promotional marketing by lining influencers to your posts. When you share the influencers’ posts, they are likely to share yours.

Adopt the tone your influencers are using. This will help you to get an exposure to their audiences too.

Join Various Facebook Groups

Just like LinkedIn, Facebook groups also offers a lot of opportunities to businesses. Many Facebook groups are there. From among these, join your industry-related groups. You can also use your personal account to join groups to find prospective audiences.

Try to participate more in the conversation of the groups. The more you’re into conversations, the more people will recognize you. Mind it, never act like a salesperson while interacting with others in the group. Rather, provide them with genuine ideas and tips.

Use different keywords to search for your groups. You can also consider Facebook suggestions regarding it.

Create Your Group

Can’t find a good group to join for? Stay worriless. Proceed to create your own group. Apart from carrying on discussions, you can post articles, invite members, and so on. As you’ll be the admin, you can easily control the group’s activities. Ultimately, you’ll start becoming a leader in your industry.

Stream Live Video

Live videos create immediacy. It gives your audience a glimpse of real you. As a result, most of the viewers would love to watch the video for a longer time. Moreover, live videos are unpredictable. This is also one of the reasons people love to watch the full.

The Bottom Line

Facebook marketing is important irrespective of your business’ size and type. To strengthen your social media marketing strategy, you need to create quality content. Actually, it’s the base of all kinds of online businesses today. This not only enables you to reach a wider audience but also helps you to boost your traffic and sales. Follow all the tips discussed above to get results within a short span.

If you’re not confident and are looking for a Facebook marketing company Singapore, consider Elevan August Media. It is a renowned boutique social media agency in Singapore that is well-experienced in elevating online presence of businesses. Their social media marketing and management team has in-depth knowledge about how to give maximum exposure to a brand. Visit Our website to know more.

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