How to Use Hashtags – A Complete Guide to Derive Maximum Profit

importance of hashtag

Mastering the art of how to use hashtags on social media requires practice. Use of hashtags helps you to:

  • Promote your brand

  • Increase outcome of your marketing campaigns

  • Engage with your audience more

Knowing the proper use of hashtags can make your digital marketing campaign successful in 2019.

Whether you hire a social media agency or not, know what hashtags actually are.

Hashtags: What is it?

Before the popularity of hashtags among the social media marketers, this symbol # is used to denote hashtags.

Later Twitter starts to use it to find keywords to give more relevant results to its users. Following Twitter, other social media sites also began to include it to ensure better search results.

Why Do You Need To Use Hashtags?

Some of the reasons that can convince you to start using hashtags are:

  • Boosts Engagement Rate: Use social media hashtags can increase engagement of your audience. According to Twitter, brands using hashtags enjoy 50% more engagement rate than others. Moreover, if you include hashtags in your retweet, then they’re more likely to get shared.

  • Builds Brands: Hashtags can bring outstanding results in launching new products. It is also used hugely to promote brands. Apart from it, proper use of hashtags can generate more interest among your audience about your business.

  • Finds Targeted Audience: Get targeted audience easily with hashtags. Use the hashtags your competitors are using. Find the posts they’re using. This method works well especially for Instagram. If you want to build your audience, try this tactic. As you go on leveraging the popular hashtags, you’ll get traffic from various users eventually.

How to Find the Best Hashtags?

Once you know what hashtags are and how they can benefit you, start looking for the best hashtags related to your industry. But how?

Any renowned Facebook advertising agency involves these strategies to find out their best hashtags.

  • Follow the Influencers: Keep an eye on the influencers of your industry. It will help you get an insight of the hashtags that really work. You can use various digital tools to find out influencers in your niche.

  • Follow the Trends: Look out for trending hashtags or topics in your industry. Go to social media sites for the same. Use them to increase your brand awareness.

  • Choose Specific Hashtags: The more specific hashtags you use, the more relevant audience will start following you. This, in turn, will boost your engagement rate.

  • Pick Relevant Yet Unbranded Hashtags: Make sure that the hashtag you’re using is not mentioning the name of your brand. However, it should reflect the message of your brand properly.

  • Use Hashtags in Your Site: Different networks use hashtags in different ways. But the main job remains the same: getting noticed and content tagging. As for instance, if you’re using hashtags on an image or video-sharing platform like Instagram and YouTube, focus more on content description.

How to Use Hashtags on Different Social Networks?

  • Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, involve in the latest trend. Find out the top posts using specific hashtags. Use them to extend the reach of your brand. As you tweet using a hashtag, you can easily reach the people who are not following you, if they search for the keyword of your used hashtag.

Maximum hashtags to use: 1-2

  • Instagram

Unlike Twitter, more use of hashtags in Instagram ensures more engagement. However, you’ve to use relevant hashtags to promote your content. If you use irrelevant hashtags, it will affect your brand’s reputation.

Maximum hashtags to use: 9-15

  • Facebook

Whereas most Twitter profiles are made public, Facebook profiles are mostly private. As such, you’re less likely to reach more audience. Thankfully, you can promote marketing campaigns across different platforms using Facebook. For example, if you’re running a contest on a different platform, you can promote the contest on Facebook. Use the url….to check different keywords in your industry. Put your keyword in the dash.

Maximum hashtags to use: 1-2


Proper use of hashtags enable your brand to reach wider audience. Moreover, it brings to you the audience really interested in your offerings. This increases your brand awareness generating more sales.

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