How to Write Engaging Social Media Copy for your Brand?

engaging social media copy

Promoting your brand on social media aims to increase followers and further drive them to your website or app. Therefore, creating engaging social media copies is critical to improving audience engagement and traffic. It will further help generate leads and businesses.

Studies revealed that a significant percentage of brands generate customers from social media. Social media marketing is not just limited to posting attractive images on your pages. You must also create content that interests your audiences and encourages them to buy from you. You can consult a social media marketing agency to build effective strategies and create engaging copies for promoting your brand on social media. This blog will also discuss tips to help you write engaging social media copies for your brand.

8 tips for Writing Engaging Copy for Social Media for Your Brand

The following tips can help you write effective social media copies to encourage audiences to engage with your content, follow your brand’s page and eventually become paying customers.

Stay updated with character limits

Before deciding on ways to craft your social media post captions, you must be aware of the character limit that various channels allow. Each social media channel has its word limit. For instance, while Instagram allowed 2200 characters, Twitter has limited the number to 280. Since people have a limited time and attention span, you need to consider word limits for your captions to derive the best results. Hence, your posts should be clear and concise to improve audience engagement.

Focus on audiences

Another key factor you should consider when creating social media copies for your brand is understanding your audience. You must understand that many of your audiences visit social media for casually scrolling. As a result, they are generally not among the highly engaged readers. Therefore, to make them stop scrolling, check out your posts, and engage with them – you need to put a lot of thought when writing. Usually, people prefer engaging with the content they can relate to or that addresses their problems or needs. Hence, the better you understand your audiences, the more relevant content you can create for them.

Set one clear objective

You need to set a clear objective to ensure the success of your social media marketing copy. You may use social media marketing to achieve various business goals, such as spreading brand awareness, increasing followers, driving web traffic, generating leads and businesses, etc. However, one single post cannot achieve all the goals. Hence, you should further break down your goals and assign each to individual social posts. Your business objective is likely related to a call to action. It can be sharing your link to a landing page or specific web page and asking your audience to visit that page for additional information. It can also be asking the audience to call you or download an eBook or register for a webinar, etc. Unless you are clear about the action you want your audience to take, it will not help you achieve the desired result. Moreover, your audience will choose to ignore your post.

Ask open-ended questions

An effective way to get your audiences to engage with your content is to ask them open-ended questions. You can conduct polls and surveys. If they have bought your brand offerings, you can encourage them to share their images with your products or while using your services. It will provide you with user-generated content, earning audiences’ trust and encouraging new audiences to engage with your content. Such social media posts usually witness a higher form of engagement.

Add hashtags

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter use hashtags to increase audience reach. Hence, you need to develop an effective hashtag strategy based on the platforms you are promoting your brand on. A social media agency can even help with basic hashtags research to ensure that the relevant hashtags were sued in your posts to boost its reach. Instagram allows 30 hashtags to include in each post, while Twitter hashtags help follow conversations and trending topics. Therefore, you must carefully select the right hashtags for your post to improve its visibility to relevant audiences. Moreover, you can create custom hashtags for product launches to present them to more audiences.

Include sales copy, curated, and engaging content in your social media strategy

You must include various types of content in your social media strategy to achieve various business goals. Creating the same type of content might not work all the time. Moreover, you need to change your social media content strategy based on the position of your audiences on the sales funnel. For instance, at the initial stage of social media marketing, you must highlight your brand offerings more. Next, when running social media ads for a targeted audience, you must change your content strategy accordingly. You may contact social media advertising in Singapore to create appropriate content to promote your ongoing offers and campaigns.

Sharing curated content is a great way to educate or inform audiences. Identifying and sharing relevant content on your page can help boost audience engagement. Besides you can also create your content, such as infographics, polls, surveys, etc. As mentioned, you should not forget to include appropriate call-to-action in your post, regardless of their type.

Try to sound casual

You must be careful about using the right tone for the right content. The purpose of social media marketing is to connect with audiences. Therefore, if you want to engage your audience, use a friendly tone. In addition, follow an informative approach to educate your audience, and be direct when promoting any offer. If you are unsure of the tone to use, a social media marketing agency can help craft appropriate content for your brand.

Maintain a consistent voice across all platforms

One of the effective ways to build your brand’s strong online presence is to maintain a consistent voice across all channels. Consistent brand experience is applicable in all aspects of the content – graphics, visuals, and even copywriting. Your brand’s voice reflects how you want your audience to perceive you. It should truly reflect your brand’s essence.

Understanding audiences and creating effective social media content for them is no easy fit. However, with more practice and evaluation of your post’s performance, you can identify your audience’s likes and preferences. It can further help you create engaging social media copy for your brand.

Elevan August Media is a social media marketing agencythat has served businesses across various industries. Based on your business type, they can help create effective content marketing strategies and create engaging copy for your brand. Regardless of the business goals you wish to achieve, you can consult their social media marketers to create appropriate content for your brand.

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