Important KPIs you should Use to Measure the Success of Social Media Campaigns

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Social media marketing campaigns intend to meet various business goals. It can be to spread brand awareness, reach the target audience, promote a brand, generate leads, and improve conversion, etc. Different metrics help to measure the success of your social media campaigns and the Return on Investment (ROI) from them. You can consult a boutique social media marketing agency Singapore to develop the right social media marketing campaigns for your brand. In this article today, we are going to share with you the important KPIs to measure the success of your social media campaigns. The broad categories of these social media KPIs are – engagement, reach, leads & customers.

Social Media KPIs for Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important aspects to measure the success of your social media campaigns. In other words, measuring engagement means checking the number of likes, shares, comments that your social media posts receive. In this regard, you should note that having a wider reach with lower engagement is not a good sign for your campaigns. It means that the content you are sharing is not relevant or engaging for your audience. As a result, the whole purpose of developing your social media marketing campaigns is lost. Irrespective of the number of audiences you are reaching, if they engage with your posts, it would eventually help in lead generation & business conversion. Consult any boutique digital marketing agency Singapore to help in creating engaging content for your social media campaigns. The following are the important social media KPIs for engagement


Your audiences are likelier to click on the links to your website or blogs that they found interesting. The title and images used in social media posts play a vital role in making your posts engaging. A large number of clicks with fewer likes and shares imply that the post got your audience’s attention; however, it fails to engage your audience. On the other hand, higher engagement with lower clicks indicates you need to modify the title & visuals to make them more engaging.


Posts that receive higher ‘likes’ sends signals to the social media algorithm that the specific post deserves a better rank in search results.


When audiences share your posts (retweets or re-vines) it means they are recommending these posts to their friends, families, acquaintances, etc. Therefore, the number of shares proves how successful your social media campaign is in terms of encouraging your audience to engage with the posts.


Interesting & relevant content encourages discussion. A boutique digital marketing agency Singapore can help in developing engaging and relevant content for your social media campaigns. Therefore, the higher number of comments your posts receive the more successful your social media campaign is. Even if your audience left critical comments, then also it is better than ‘no comments’. Comments irrespective of whether they are appreciative or critical or general discussion helps in the marketing and promotion of your brand.

Brand Mentions

Tagging or brand mention means that people are discussing your brand on other platforms. This KPI is quite significant in measuring your social media success. It means that your social media has effectively put you on the mind of your audience.

Profile Visits

Though this KPI might not be as significant as others as you cannot measure your audience’s intent to buy. However, profile visits indicate that audiences are interested in your brand beyond your latest social media post. No matter how many followers you have, a vast section of them might have never visited your profile. On the other hand, people who are interested in your brand and checking out your products & services might visit your profile. Many users use social media platforms to research on various brands.

Active Followers

Active followers are those that have engaged with your content in the last 30 days. However, in this regard, you should know that for most of the brands, the majority of their followers hardly visit their page regularly or check the content. You can use certain tools to identify inactive of fake profiles in the list of your followers. As a result, you can easily remove irrelevant followers of your page, if you want to.

Social Media KPIs for Reach

Reach indicates how many people are viewing your content. However, measuring the reach on social media is difficult. Unlike engagement, that shows the actual number of likes, shares, or comments; the reach provides you an estimate.


The total number of people following your brand, provide you with an estimate of the number of reaches without any engagement. These are the total number of people that can view your posts. In the past, they had click on the ‘follow’ button to show their interest to view your posts.


Impressions indicate the number of times your post appeared on someone’s newsfeed or timeline. The possible reasons can be either they are already following your page or someone in their friendslist has engaged with your post (through like, share or comment). However, the impression doesn’t mean people have looked or noticed your post. It might be vague but the higher number of impressions is always preferred.

Web Traffic

The percentage of web traffic driving from social media is an important KPI to measure how successful your social media campaign is. You can use various tools to check the sources of web traffic. If the number of traffic coming from social media is not satisfactory, then you might consider using a social media publishing tool.

Social Media KPIs for Leads

Once your social media accounts start getting popularity, it is quite normal to focus on the number of likes and shares you are getting. However, the ultimate objective of every digital marketing campaign is to generate leads and improve business conversion. The social media campaign is also no exception. Therefore, to measure the success of your social media campaigns, you have to track the number of leads your social media campaigns are generating. A boutique social media marketing agency Singapore can help in generating leads from your social media marketing campaigns both organically & through PPC ads. If the result is not to your satisfaction, then the possible reasons might be that you are either promoting your brand on the wrong platform or the content is not engaging enough for your target audience.

Social Media KPIs for Customers

The ultimate way to measure the success of your social media campaign is to measure the number of customers you have acquired. However, you must not have huge expectations in terms of new business conversion from social media as the majority of your followers are your existing customers. Instead, you can check which platform is offering you a higher number of conversions. It would help you to determine the platform on which you should focus your social media campaigns.

Measuring engagement and reach help you to determine how far you have succeeded in spreading brand awareness. On the other hand, measuring the number of newly acquired customer help you to determine the success of your social media marketing campaign in meeting your ultimate business objective. Elevan August Media is a boutique social media marketing agency Singapore that can help in developing the right social media marketing campaign for your brand.

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