10 SEO Tips to Improve your Organic Search Results

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is critical in spreading your brand awareness. Irrespective of how useful your products or services are to your audience or how innovative marketing campaigns you are running, if your website fails to make an appearance on the first page of search engines against relevant keywords, your audience will never learn about them. Therefore, you must hire an SEO expert Singapore to improve the search rankings of your website. However, firstly you need to understand the current rank of your website. This will further help you to work with your SEO agencies in terms of improving your search rankings. In this article, we are going to share with you a few SEO tips that would help you to improve your organic search results.

SEO tips to Improve your Organic Search Results

Usually, an SEO agency Singapore run SEO audit to identify the flaws throughout your website. This analysis will help them to develop SEO strategies that would improve not only search rankings of your website but also drive traffic. The following SEO tips will help you to improve your organic search results such as rankings and traffic.

Importance of URL structure

Usually, search engines such as Google and Bing do not have issues in processing longer URLs. However, it has been found that shorter URLs perform better in terms of organic search. A URL with less than 100 characters is considered to be a good one; however, that which consists of 50-60 characters is considered even better.

Optimize your website for the audience, not search engines

One of the effective SEO tips to improve your organic search results is to optimize content for the audience. Firstly, create your buyer personas, to determine your target audience. Through creating quality, informative, and relevant content for your target audience, you can improve your SEO naturally. This also means to identify the keywords your audience is using for making searches and include them strategically within your content. However, as an SEO agency Singapore, we strongly recommend, not to focus entirely on keywords. Rather try to make your content useful and relevant for your audience, it will improve your search rankings naturally.

Using your buyer’s personas and creating content with keeping your audience in mind, you will improve the chances of distributing your content and creating backlinks. This will further improve your search rankings.

Use long-tail keywords

People usually use phrases to search on a specific topic. Use these phrases as long-tail keywords within your content. The more specific keywords you use, the higher the chances are that search engines will identify your content as most relevant to the particular topic. This further will help in improving your search ranking and drive quality traffic to your website. At the same time, avoid keywords stuffing as this might affect your search engines negatively. Usually, search engines consider blogs or content with keyword stuffing as a spam website. In such cases, your website will not make an appearance on the search engine result pages. Consult an SEO expert Singapore to understand the better use of long-tail keywords within your content.

Publish blogs regularly

Blogging is one of the most useful SEO tips to improve your organic search results. Try to publish quality, unique, original, and relevant content consistently on your website. As mentioned earlier, focus on your target audience while creating blogs as this will help in improving search ranking and driving the right audience to your site. 


Interacting with people from your industry and also your audience is one of the best ways to establish the authority of your brand. The more you will read, comment, and link to the sites and blogs of the people operating in your industry the likelier are they to reciprocate this behavior. This will help in driving traffic from various external sources, which would eventually lead to higher search rankings.

Additionally, commenting on question/answer platforms such as Quora or similar will also help in establishing your brand image as an authoritative one to your target audience. The more value your answers will provide to your audience, the likelier you are to gain their trust. This further will pique their interest to learn more about your brand. As their interest will drive them to your website, your search rankings will improve naturally. An SEO expert Singapore can help you in this regard as a part of their off-page SEO services.

Optimize page titles

Now that you have taken care of your website content, it’s time to focus on optimizing it. These SEO tips will help to improve your organic search results. While strategic use of relevant long-tail keywords through your website can improve your search rankings, you should focus on optimizing your page titles as well. Your page title will provide a brief glimpse of what your content is about. Hence use the blog relevant keyword within your page title preferably at the beginning. Also, try to limit the title within 70 characters.

Optimize Meta

Another of the useful SEO tips to improve your organic search results is to optimize the three key features – the URL, Meta title & description of your webpages or blog posts. The Metadata represents the actual content of the particular page or post. As a part of SEO services Singapore, we use various tools to optimize your page. This Metadata might not be directly responsible for improving rankings. However, if used effectively, it can encourage your audience to click on the website link improving its rankings against certain keywords.

Use ALT tags

Sometimes, using relevant images within the content not only improves its visual attractiveness but also in better understanding for the audience. Additionally, it allows you to add ALT tags to the images. Search engines use these tags to understand what the image is about. While many people often ignore the importance of ALT tags as they are not visible on a web page, in reality, it can help in improving search rankings.

Include internal links

Once you have created relevant content for your audience, add links to the other blogs and pages of your website. This will encourage your audience to spend more time on your website, which in turn will boost your search rankings.

Use data to optimize your results

Google Analytics tools provide you insights regarding the visitors to your website and blog posts. This includes details concerning their demographics and the keywords they used to reach your website. It will help you in understanding your visitors better. The better you understand your audience the more useful content you can create for them. This will eventually lead to an increase in web traffic and your search rankings.

Therefore, implementing all these SEO tips can help to improve your organic search results. Elevan August Media is an SEO agency in Singapore that offers a wide range of SEO services for its clients. Feel free to consult them regarding your SEO requirements and they will guide you accordingly.

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