How can Interior Designing Firms Generate Leads from Social Media?

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Interior designers can help you make the most of any interior space available not only in terms of its appearance but also in making it most useful. However, similar to other businesses, as an interior designing firm, firstly you need to reach the right audience. Then only you can promote the services you offer. Finally, upon convincing them of how they can be benefited from hiring you, you need to encourage them to avail your services. Therefore, in simple terms, to grow your business you need leads whom you can convert into actual customers. In this article, we are going to share with you efficient social media marketing tips to generate leads for an interior designing firm. You can even consult a social media marketing agency in Singapore to help you achieve your business objectives.

Usually, interior designing services include floor planning, custom furniture designing, room interior designing, etc as per the need and preference of their clients. They also work with architects and contractors before and during the construction process to convert the design ideas into reality. Besides, hiring them makes the entire process economical and less time-consuming. No matter how good you are as an interior designer, it will not help in your business growth until and unless you widen your market by reaching out to potential customers.

Tips to Generate Leads for an Interior Designing Firm

The following marketing tips will help to generate leads for an interior designing firm. It further will improve their chances of business conversion.

Hyper target potential customers through Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is one of the efficient ways to generate leads for an interior designing firm. If you are in doubt concerning how to use Facebook for advertising, you can consult any Facebook advertising agency in Singapore for the same. To be on the safer side, you can start with a small budget to experiment with what works best for you.

For instance, you can start by targeting people from a specific location or region. Otherwise, you can also specify the age and sex of your potential clients in the target settings of the ads. Additionally, you can also experiment with other targeting options such as interests, behaviors, etc to understand which combination helps you generate a higher number of leads and convert into customers. It will further help you to invest and focus on those targeting options to improve your lead generation and business conversion. You can attend any Facebook Advertising course or hire a Facebook advertising agency in this regard.

Drive referrals

Referrals can be a major source of lead generation for any business and interior designing firms are no exception. When your existing customers refer your firm to someone they know, this form of word-of-mouth marketing can help in earning more clients. However, you cannot solely depend on it. To ensure that you receive a higher number of referrals, you can put a little bit of effort.

Ask satisfied customers for referrals. You can even build a reward system in the form of vouchers or invitation to events. Though your clients may not need or want any form of rewards, however, your little token of appreciation will encourage them to keep on coming back. Since, yours is a service-based industry, sending them updates on new products, or sending them cards on major occasions such as Christmas or New Year will make them feel appreciated. This type of little yet emotional gesture helps in building a strong positive relationship with your clients. As a return, they will further recommend your brand to everyone in their known circle who is looking for interior designing services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is another effective way to generate leads for an interior designing firm. To make your strong presence on search engines, firstly you need to create an effective website. Further, you need to carry out thorough keyword research. This will help you to determine the ones you need to focus on to drive more traffic to your website. Primarily it is better to start with local keywords to attract local customers. Consult an SEO expert Singapore to improve the search rankings of your website.

Now once, you have finalized the set of keywords you want to rank on search engines for, optimize your website, by including them in core areas. These are page title, Metadata, Heading (H1, H2, H3…), Image alt tags, internal links, and throughout the content of the page. You can also create blogs on various aspects concerning your industry. It will not only help in establishing your brand’s credibility but also improve your presence on search engines. Next, you need to set up your details in Google My Business page, so that your local customers can easily find your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Also, be active on social media. Fill out every detail on your social media profile. Update necessary information such as your business website, your contact details such as phone number and address. Add an attractive cover photo and profile picture. Share images of some of your work. Ask your existing clients for some images and share this type of user-generated content on your page.

Promote the link to various pages of your website and also your blogs on your social media channels. Any social media marketing agency in Singapore can help you develop effective marketing strategies for your various social media channels. Join groups that are relevant to your industry. Participate in the discussion. Social Media groups in your industry are one of the most useful areas where you are likely to meet the majority of your future and potential clients. Hence, it is important, that by partaking in group discussion you can make them aware of your brand’s presence. The more you gain their trust and interest, the likelier they are to know about your business. It will help them drive to your social media channels as well as website. Use both platforms wisely to generate leads for an interior designing firm.

Use the power of Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media channel where you can carry out your marketing activities to generate leads for an interior designing firm. Besides, since Instagram is a video and image sharing platform, it is a perfect place to display your style and work to potential customers. Additionally, keep in mind to share high-quality images. Also, be mindful of using relevant hashtags for your posts. It will encourage your visitors to follow your page to stay updated about your work. A social media marketing agency in Singapore can guide you to best use various social media channels including Instagram to promote your interior designing firm.

As a result, you will be on the mind of your potential customer when they will be looking for the services you offer. Using Instagram wisely and regularly will eventually help in improving the chances of lead generation that can convert into an actual business. Since links are not allowed in the posts, make sure to include them in your profile bio.

Elevan August Media is a trusted social media advertising agency in Singapore. They can help in your social media marketing and advertising efforts to generate leads and improve business conversions. Feel free to contact them for all your social media strategies to receive more clients and grow your business.

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