Social Media Tips To Generate Leads for Renovation Firms

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Social media presents you an opportunity to meet your potential customers, engage with them, and convert them into businesses. Similar to many other businesses, a remodeling or a renovation firm can use social media in various ways to grow their business. Renovation firms deal with restoring architecture to its previous state, remodeling refers to create something new from that is already existing.  In this article, we are going to discuss a few helpful social media tips that would help you to generate leads for your renovation firms. We all know how critical it is in terms of improving your business conversion. You can even consult any social media marketing agency in Singapore to use social media to generate leads for your business.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Renovation Firms

Social media marketing offers various benefits for your renovation firms. Let’s check them out.

Create a positive brand image among your audience

Social media allows you to display your products and services to your audience. It helps in further convincing them to purchase your brand. Both remodeling and renovation firm deals with almost similar services. Therefore, it is crucial to show your projects to your audience to convince them of the benefits of hiring your services. With visually attractive images and videos, you could create engaging content for your audience. Additionally, through directly interacting with your audience you can humanize your brand creating a positive brand image. It would be efficient in generating leads and improving your business conversion.

Earn the trust and spread brand awareness

The first step to generate lead and convert them into businesses is to make your audience aware of your business. Social media can help you achieve that. With effective social media marketing strategies, you can present your services as a renovation or remodeling firm to the right audience. As we have mentioned in our previous point with attractive images and videos of your projects you can showcase your work to them. You can convince them how you can transform their establishments in a new way. The more you gain their trust, the likelier they would be interested in investing in your services. Consult a social media marketing agency to use the right social media channels to promote your brand to the right audience.

Drive more traffic and generate leads

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. allows you to present your advertisements to the right audience for your remodeling or renovation firms. These ads are cost-effective and can offer you higher ROI in terms of driving traffic and earning leads. You can share your projects, website blogs, and various information concerning renovation and remodeling to your audience. However, we advise you to share a glimpse of these details on social media, the details of which they could find on your website. The higher traffic your drive to your website, the better the chances are to display more information about your business to them. It could help in improving your lead generation.

Social Media Tips to Generate Leads for Your Renovation Firms

Both Facebook and Instagram are visual mediums. Therefore, sharing visually appealing images and videos concerning the remodeling or renovation projects of your business can help to generate leads for your business. However, before we move on to discussing the right types of content to share on these platforms, you should optimize these pages for your audience. It means along with an attractive cover photo and profile picture you must include all important business information in your pages.

Facebook Tips for Renovation Firms

The following types of posts you can share on your Facebook page to get your audience interested in your services. You can even consult a Facebook marketing agency in this regard.

  • Project Albums – As we mentioned earlier, display your projects on your Facebook page. You can create image albums for each of them. In this regard, note that your target audience would be checking your Facebook page to research your business. Hence, use this medium to highlight your projects with an impressive image to gain their interest.  Along with images, you can even create slide shows of your project to attract your audience. These types of contents appeal to your audience, and therefore, it increases your chances of getting more leads.

  • Work events – Highlight your work atmosphere. Offering a glimpse inside your business will make your audience feel connected. Share the bios of your team members. You can keep your audience updated about your various work events as well.

  • Links to blogs and website – Share the links to your blogs and website. Your blogs should be informative and make your audience navigate your website further. The more time they spend on your website, the higher chances are they would be hiring you for your services. A Facebook marketing agency can guide you in creating various engaging content for your audience on your Facebook business page.

  • Use call to actions – Use various ‘call to actions’ on your Facebook page to drive them to your website or make them call you if they are looking for remodeling or renovation services.

  • Set up services page – In the services section of the Facebook page, highlight the remodeling or renovation services you offer to your clients. Mention the specific services as much as possible.

  • Boost Facebook posts – To improve your audience reach, you can boost posts on your Facebook page. It will help in yielding the maximum benefits from your advertising campaigns. Additionally, by sharing links, you may earn more clicks that would drive traffic to your website. 

  • Develop effective advertising campaigns – You can also use Facebook to host ads that would help in generating leads and business conversion. Target your existing leads as the audience of your Facebook ads. It is effective if you want to present some promotional offers to your existing clients. You can consult a Facebook advertising agency to develop effective advertising campaigns for your brand.
    Otherwise, you can run pay-per-click advertisements and target your audience based on various demographics. It will ensure that you need to pay only when someone clicks on these ads. You can achieve higher ROI through this method of advertisements.

  • Increase your reach – You can target your audience based on their earning levels or if they like other remodeling or renovation firms pages (you can include your competitor’s pages) and display your ads directly to them. Similar to boosting your Facebook post, it will also help in increasing your audience reach. Additionally, you will show up on more news feeds, especially of the ones who are interested in or looking for similar services. 

Instagram Tips for Renovation Firms

Instagram is also a visual medium. Hence, use various Instagram features to display amazing images from your project. Below you would find post-related tips you could share on your Instagram page for getting leads for your renovation firms. You can even consult a social media marketing agency in Singapore in this regard as well.

  • Share images and videos – Instagram allows you to share a single image or multiple images at a time. You can use multiple images in the form of before & after series. It would help your audience understand how beautifully you can transform any existing structure. 

  • Behind the scenes – To give a more personalized feel, you can share behind the scene images and videos on your Instagram page. It will create a sense of familiarity between your audience and your business.

  • Instagram stories – Instagram stories are quick shots that stay for 24 hours. Include a series of images or videos in the slide show format to create Stories. You can even edit them or tag people.

  • Hashtags – If used wisely, hashtags can help in reaching out to the audience who are searching for renovation or remodeling services.

  • Link in the Bio – The only clickable link you can have on Instagram is the link in your bio. You cannot link any Instagram post to your blog or website. You can share URL, but since they are not clickable, to visit them, one has to leave Instagram. Instead, you can update the link on your bio from time to time to check which types of posts appeal to your audience.

  • Promote – Similar to boosting a Facebook post you can boost your Instagram posts as well. We recommend checking the performance of your posts to identify which one is more effective, before investing in them to increase its reach.

Therefore, if you are a remodeling or renovation firm, you should utilize these tips to generate more leads for your business. You may also consult a social media marketing agency such as Elevan August Media. With our experience and expertise, we can guide you on how to promote your business on Facebook and Instagram to generate more leads.

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