Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit?


You might have built a business website to inform your audience more about your business and the products and services it offers. However, if your website doesn’t rank higher and fail to drive web traffic, then the purpose of building a website gets lost. This is the reason why businesses hire SEO agencies to improve their search rankings and drive more visitors. The first step that every SEO agency Singapore performs is running a Search Engine Optimization or SEO audit for your overall site.

Reasons website needs an SEO audit

SEO audit is critical for every business website. Let’s discuss why your website needs an SEO audit.

Identifies the technical issue of a website

SEO audit helps in identifying technical SEO issues. Technical SEO is responsible for helping the search engines crawl your website. The flaws in the technical elements that SEO audit helps in determining are

·         Speed of the website – An SEO agency Singapore will initially look into how long a page takes to load. Since search engines such as Google prioritizes user experience (UX) for every website while ranking them, this is one aspect that you cannot overlook. Google considers any website with faster loading speed offers great UX and hence they rank high on search engines. Factors such as large images, redundant HTML, javascript, or CSS codes are responsible for reducing the loading speed of a website. 

·         Redirects and errors – The next aspect an SEO expert Singapore will check whether your website is free of 404 errors and redirects. These factors can lead to a poor user experience which further will be reflected in search rankings.

·         Site architecture and URL structure – Ideally the URL of your website should be short yet descriptive. This means, that upon seeing the URL of your website, your visitors will have a clear idea of what the page is all about. On the other hand, websites using subfolders help in maintaining a good site structure.

·         Easy to crawl – SEO agencies will check whether the robots.txt file is optimized and whether your website has a sitemap to ensure that search engines can easily crawl your website.

Identifying on-page issues

The next step of SEO audit as a part of SEO services Singapore includes identifying on-page issues of your website.  This involves checking whether the following aspects are optimized.

·         Meta Title & Description – Ideally Meta Titles should be between 35 and 70 characters and must include the relevant keyword. On the other hand, Meta Descriptions should be within 160 characters (it may vary) and must include the relevant keyword as well as a call to action (CTA), if any. 

·         Headers – It is the headline (H1) of the page that tells your visitors the topic of the content and similar to Meta Title & Description, this too should include relevant keywords. Your page might also contain subheadings (H2, H3, etc) and you should include the relevant keywords within them as well.

·         Content – Once the SEO agencies check the Meta Title, Description & headings, they will check the web content. To ensure that the content provided on the website is SEO friendly, you need to include relevant keywords throughout the content. In this regard, you should avoid overstuffing your content with keywords.

·         Interlinking – Another important SEO services Singapore is auditing the internal links. It helps your web visitors navigate to the other pages of your website easily.

Identifying competition

SEO audits are not just limited to your business website. The SEO agencies you have hired will also run an audit on your competitors’ site to identify their strengths and flaws. The elements they will check in the competitors’ website are

·         Keywords – They will check the keywords your competitors use to rank higher on search engines. They might use various tools to determine whether it would be possible for you to rank for the same keywords. If your competitors have good domain and page authority, then it can be difficult for you. As a result, an SEO expert Singapore might suggest you focus on the keywords that your competitors are not targeting.

·         Backlinks – Evaluating backlinks help in understanding the other sources of your web visitors. It will also help in determining whether any of them are spam backlinks. Fixing these issues is important to ensure that Google doesn’t consider your website as a spam link and removing your site on search engines. Therefore, evaluating backlinks of your competitors’ sites will help to understand white sites you should approach to have quality backlinks.

·         Mobile site – If your competitors have a better mobile site, then you too need upgradation in that regard.

Prioritize marketing

An SEO audit will help in identifying the flaws in your website that need improvement. However, no matter how tempting it appears, you need to prioritize, which elements you should initially focus on. For instance, initially taking care of technical SEO aspects and gradually moving to optimizing on-page SEO elements can help in getting a significant result. Besides, if you find that you are experiencing a higher bounce rate, then you might need to focus on optimizing your landing pages first. An SEO agency can guide you regarding which aspect you should focus primarily on.

Monitoring keyword ranking

Another important part of an SEO audit is monitoring the performance of your site against relevant keywords. As the SEO agencies in Singapore start working on optimizing your website, you will notice an improvement in search rankings. However, you need to continue the process. With the help of various tools, you can assess the performance of your site over time.

For all these above-mentioned reasons, your website needs an SEO audit. Once, the problem areas of your website are identified, the SEO agencies can work towards solving the issues. However, before starting on working towards optimizing your website for search engines and your audience, they might provide you a report as part of SEO audit to show the current performance of your website. Then again, when they will start working on your website, they might provide you monthly reports. On comparing both the results, you can assess how SEO services are helping in improving the search rankings of your website and driving organic traffic.

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