5 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Adopt in 2021

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In this present times, every business – large or small needs to focus on digital marketing to succeed. As more and more people are spending the majority of their day being active on various digital platforms, it is only logical to use the same for the growth of your business. In this blog, we would share five useful digital marketing tips that would benefit small businesses, including those on a budget.

With the help of effective strategies, you can use various digital platforms to drive prospects, increase sales and grow your business. Besides, at these challenging times, businesses can experiment with various strategies on different platforms to find out what works best in achieving desired business goals. You can consult a digital marketing agency to use their experience and expertise in this regard. Use this time wisely to develop digital marketing strategies that would help you achieve your business objectives.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

When it comes to small businesses, we understand that they lack the marketing budget of larger organizations. Because of this, we would share digital marketing tips that would not cost you a fortune. Instead, if you are ready to invest your time and effort, most of these would involve no expenses at all.

Let’s discuss the digital marketing services you should focus on while developing strategies for your business.

Content Marketing

Content is a key aspect of digital marketing. As a result, the success of your digital marketing strategies depends largely on the content you create. Content marketing involves creating and distributing relevant, engaging and valuable content to your target audience. The purpose is to encourage them into taking action of your preference.

Whether it is a blog, social media posts or videos, or any other form of content, you need to carefully articulate each piece to capture your audience’s attention. Hire a boutique digital marketing agency Singapore to develop effective content marketing strategies for your business.  Check out the following tips to understand what features make your content appropriate.

  • Relevant & offers value – Your content, irrespective of the format you chose to create, should be relevant and provide some value to your audience. For instance, if your business provides specific products or services to your audience, you need to create content. It can be articles, blogs, videos, infographics, etc. In other words, your content would address various concerns your target audience might have related to your brand’s specific offerings. The topics can be the benefits of using your products or services, the various ways to use the same, etc.

  • Consistency – Another important aspect of content marketing is maintaining consistency. Nowadays, people have a very short attention span. They might remember your brand as long as it appears on their feed or top of search engines. Therefore, you need to create and publish content consistently on your website, social media, etc. Also, do not forget to regularly send newsletters, promotional content to audiences that have subscribed to your email list.

You must also keep in mind that content marketing is not just limited to creating content. To ensure the success of your digital marketing strategies, you also need to focus on the distribution of your content. It means you need to promote your content to the target audience using appropriate digital channels. You may take the help of a digital marketing agency Singapore in this regard.

It can be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that involves optimizing your blogs and articles to improve the ranking of your website on SERPs. It can also be creating content for various social media platforms on which your audiences are most active. Also, do not forget to regularly send newsletters, promotional content to audiences that have subscribed to your email list. The purpose is to make your audiences aware of your brand’s name and offerings.

Social Media Marketing

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are quite popular among individuals and brands. Social media marketing involves using different channels to spread brand awareness, drive web traffic and improve sales. Creating a business page on these platforms would not require any form of financial investment. Use these platforms to publish relevant and useful content, engage with your followers, identify relevant groups on social media channels, join in their discussions, etc.

Identify the platforms your competitors are active on. These are the sources where you are likely to meet your potential customers.  While developing overall digital marketing strategies for your business, do not forget to include social media. A social media marketing agency can help to develop effective marketing strategies for your business.

Website Marketing

If you want to improve your brand’s online visibility, you need to have a website. Without it, your other digital marketing efforts might meet a roadblock in achieving your business goals. Website marketing involves promoting your website to drive relevant web traffic. It would further help in generating leads and converting them to businesses. The purpose of website marketing is to improve your search rankings. Other digital marketing strategies that we discussed earlier, such as content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing etc., can help in this regard.  A digital marketing agency Singapore can help to develop effective strategies for website marketing.

As a small business owner, you may find it interesting that websites that rank on the first page of SERP attract around 50% of web traffic for their target keywords. The same drop significantly for the pages ranking in 2nd page onwards. You need to develop various digital marketing strategies to promote your website. Focusing on the following strategies might help.

  • Search Engine Optimization – Create blogs, articles consistently for websites, list businesses on local directories, link building activities, etc.

  • Social media Marketing – Share the links to your website on various social media channels.

You can further monitor your site’s traffic and engagement to understand which strategy favours your website marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending promotional messages to potential customers through email. The purpose is to convert an interested audience into a paid customer. Regarding our previous point, as you are developing different digital marketing strategies to drive web traffic, encourage them to sign up on your email list. Your email list can further support your other digital marketing efforts. With your existing email list, you can determine who your target audiences are. It would help you develop digital marketing strategies targeting audiences that share similar traits. Knowing your target audience is essential if you want your digital marketing efforts to achieve your business goals.

You also need to remember that if you want your audience to take an action of your choice on your website, you need to offer them some value in exchange. For instance, you can ask audiences to subscribe to your email list if they want to stay updated about your ongoing promotions, offers, etc. Remember to send them emails during your ongoing campaigns to encourage them to buy from your website. If someone attempted to buy from your website but abandoned their shopping cart, you can send follow-up emails to pursue them to finish the transaction. These forms of email marketing approach can help in improving your business conversions.

Video Marketing

Videos are an extremely engaging form of content. Even audiences prefer to see more video content from brands. However, despite the demand, not many brands invest in creating videos for your brands. Therefore, we advise every small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity and create engaging videos for your audience.

In this regard, we would like to mention that you do not need to make a huge financial investment to create videos. Instead, you can create homemade videos to answer your audience’s doubts.

You can even encourage your existing customers to share a video containing product reviews or feedback. This type of user-generated content would help to earn the trust of your future customers. Additionally, your existing customers would also feel valued, and you would earn their brand loyalty. Such efforts, in turn, would help to create a positive brand image.

Therefore, to make the most of digital marketing for small businesses, you must focus on these strategies in 2021. Once you understand your audience better and determine the top-performing strategies for your business, you can run ads to improve your ROI. It can be in the form of Google Ads, Social Media Ads, etc.

Elevan August Media is a boutique digital marketing agency Singapore that offers various digital marketing services to its clients. So for any form of digital marketing requirements, feel free to reach out to them.

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