Simple Digital Marketing Strategies you should focus on 2021

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Marketers, as well as businesses, need to stay updated about the continuously changing digital marketing trends. It would help them use the appropriate ones to meet their business objectives. In this blog, we would share some effective digital marketing strategies on which you should focus on 2021.

The digital marketing trends that were quite popular a few years back might not be effective at this present time. On the other hand, keeping in mind the changing needs and preferences of individuals, you need to implement the latest trends while developing marketing strategies. These trends can benefit both large and small businesses. You can consult a digital marketing agency to develop strategies including the trends that are suitable for your business.

Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic. It also accounts for 96% of search traffic made using smartphones. Therefore, to determine the success of your digital marketing strategies, you need to appear on the first page of Google against relevant web searches.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

Let’s discuss some simple digital marketing strategies that you can implement for your business

Optimize email marketing strategy

Recent studies showed that around 80% of digital marketers have increased their email engagement in the last year. If you are wondering about the effectiveness of email marketing for your business, we would like to share some statistics with you. Hope this will help you believe in the power of email marketing to increase sales.

Email marketing campaigns offer the highest return on investment for small businesses. To make the most of email marketing all you need is a brief copy and use an engaging tone to deliver brand messages to the audience.

While we are discussing this topic, you must remember to segment your customer base. Accordingly, send your customized messages to your audience. For instance, if someone left your shopping cart after adding products, you can send them mail to remind them to finish the transaction.

Based on the action your audience is taking on your website, you can craft your email message to encourage them to take any action in favor of your business. Consult a digital marketing agency Singapore to develop effective marketing strategies for your business.

Follow AIDA approach of sales

Irrespective of the digital medium you chose for marketing purposes; focus on every stage of a sales journey while formulating strategies. These are – awareness, interest, decision, and action.

The ‘Awareness’ stage involves making people aware of the products and services you offer to solve their problems. Next – is the ‘Interest’ stage. In this stage, any potential customer that has shown interest in your brand or its offering must have access to information such as their benefits and how it suits their lifestyle.

Then comes the ‘Desire’ stage where potential customers move from being interest in your rand offering to the desire of wanting or needing it. The last stage is ‘Action’ where potential customers become an actual business. They can buy the products, subscribe to an email, opt for a trial version, etc.

With the help of a boutique digital marketing agency Singapore, you need to devise your digital marketing strategies to guide your audience through different stages of the sales journey. Take the help

Include video marketing

In the last few years, video marketing has become quite popular. Besides, going by the trends, it is safe to assume, it is likely to stay the same for coming years. Research revealed that videos would be the source of around 82% of internet traffic by 2021.

At this present time, the two forms of video marketing that are quite popular are – branded videos and ‘going live.’ Brands and marketers are finding new ways to entertain and engage their audience. Videos present a wonderful opportunity to engage audiences. Besides, live videos are estimated to account for 13% of all video traffic. It is because of this reason, brands are making live videos to interact and engage with their audience.

You can also create product descriptions or tutorial videos for your audience. They do not require excess financial investments. However, you need a good camera and a microphone. You can also try using your smartphones to record such videos. Ensure that your video contains useful information and addresses the potential concerns of your customers. This type of video can help you generate more traffic.

Create original and unique content

Content is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Whether it is social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc., you need to create original, relevant, and engaging content for your audience. Hire a digital marketing agency to create suitable content for appropriate digital mediums to achieve different business objectives. Blogs and articles are useful to generate traffic. You can create entertaining social media content to engage your audience.

At the same time, you can conduct polls, quizzes, or contests to learn about their opinion on various topics. You can also create content on your website to create a sense of urgency for your audience. It would encourage them towards purchasing your products or subscribing to a service. For this purpose, you can even offer discount codes for a limited time.  

Understanding the difference between branding and marketing

It would help you develop your marketing strategies better. Your brand is the combination of your logo, website designs, and message across various digital platforms. To put it simply, branding is the way your audience perceives your business.

On the other hand, digital marketing focuses on enhancing your brand’s message. While creating digital marketing strategies refrain from only promoting your brand offerings. Instead, make efforts to gain audiences’ interest in your brand. A group of loyal followers can help in improving your sales. They might even promote your offerings among their friends and acquaintances. However, if you only focus on promoting your offering, you cannot earn audiences’ trust or convert them into loyal followers. A digital marketing agency Singapore can help you develop strategies for both branding and marketing purposes.

Use Local Service Ads

Another digital marketing trend that is gaining popularity is local service ads. They are pay-per-lead ads that now appear at the top of Google SERPs. They focus on home services such as locksmiths, house cleaning, plumbing, electrical, etc. If you offer these services, you must use local service ads to improve your reach. It would further help in improved business conversion. You can set a weekly budget for these ads. They are effective in generating leads.

You cannot overlook SEO

If you want Google to index your website, you cannot overlook SEO. Besides, though SEO trends might be changing; Google focuses on differentiating between search and intent. To make your SEO strategies successful, you need to carry out competitor analysis and segment queries for which you want to rank.

Elevan August Media is a boutique digital marketing agency Singapore. They offer a wide range of digital marketing services to different types of businesses. They are updated about the changing digital marketing trends and have a fair idea of what might work for your business. Though there is no one-solution fits all for digital marketing strategies. However, they can help in developing effective digital marketing strategies for your business. Additionally, by regularly monitoring the results of the strategies, they can also guide you on the ways to modify the same to yield better results.

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