Tips to Promote your Business on Instagram

promote business on Instagram

Instagram is a popular visual social media platform for brands, influencers, etc. You can consult a boutique social media agency Singapore such as Elevan August Media to develop effective Instagram marketing strategies for your brand.

However, this space has also become a little bit crowded as everyone is competing to attract more customers. It means the Instagram marketing strategies that succeeded in getting productive results for brands in the past, might not provide the same results now.

In this blog, we would share some actionable Instagram marketing tips to promote your brand to relevant audiences.

Create more content

When it comes to publishing content on your Instagram page, you can experiment with a wide variety to understand your audience’s preference. It can be photos of existing customers using your products or memes, or even bite-sized videos. The ultimate objective is to publish them consistently. Ideally, you must publish at least once a day. It will keep your brand’s presence fresh on your audience’s feed.

Additionally, if you could figure out the best time to post on this platform, you can improve your audience engagement with these posts.  You can even try creating content for Instagram Stories. Consult a social media agency to develop a well-thought content strategy for your Instagram page to present different types of content to your audience. You can further use Instagram insights to understand the types of posts that your audience would prefer. It would help you create more successful content for your brand.

Cross-promote your posts

It is a useful tip to promote your content to a vast audience and improve your ROI. Besides, the effort you have made in creating appealing visual content would be a waste if you fail to make the most of it. In this regard, you must keep in mind that every platform is different. It might mean crafting different versions of descriptions for different platforms. You can even use scheduling and publishing tools to make the job easier.

Create content focusing on audiences

Instagram might serve as a platform to improve sales. However, you need to understand that it’s a social media channel. Hence, it is a medium to share experiences and tell stories to connect with real people.

 It is because of this reason that audiences prefer images of customers using your products. As a brand, instead of following a direct sales approach, you can use these types of photos to drive more sales. To make the most of these types of user-generated content, encourage your audiences to share their photos and use brand hashtags in their posts. 

Use branded and industry hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial aspect of Instagram. Using them wisely in your posts can increase their reach and improve the chances of relevant audiences finding your brand.

You can create brand-specific hashtags. Encourage audiences to use the same when they share their photos using your products. This marketing approach will indeed benefit you.

Additionally, you must also use general or community hashtags related to your industry to increase your audience reach. You may also use hashtag analytics tools to measure the performance of your hashtags. It would help you identify the hashtags your audience can relate to so that you could use them more. Joining a social media marketing course can help you understand the best ways to use hashtags.

Tag followers, brands, and locations

Along with using hashtags, you can also tag your followers, brands, and even location to promote your business on Instagram. For instance, if you create shoutouts for other brands, they are likely to reciprocate the same action. It would help you reach their customers as well. On the other hand, tagging location (your business location or for any event) can help you attract potential followers and prospects. If you tag your followers it would reach people on their contact list. Additionally, your followers would feel valued which would further help to create a positive brand image.

Run contests and giveaways

It might surprise you that brands that run contests on social media grow their followers faster in comparison to the ones that don’t involve in such activities. Instagram is no different. These types of posts receive huge audience engagement. If you have doubts, you can run contests once to understand whether this strategy is working for your business. Based on the results, you can decide how often you can invest in such activities on Instagram. Pursuing social media marketing courses Singapore can help you discover more such tips that you can include in Instagram marketing strategies.

Collaborate with influencers

Instagram allows you to promote your brand without being direct about it. Hence, user-generated content, influencer marketing, etc are quite useful for this purpose. You can look for influencers in your niche and approach them with the intention of collaboration. The collaboration might be a paid partnership.

However, keep in mind that the audiences of the said influencer should be similar to yours. Additionally, while approaching the influencers, ensure that their audiences engage with their content. There might be big influencers with a large number of followers that do not engage. On the other hand, some micro-influencers may not have huge followers, but their audience engages with their content. Collaborating with such micro-influencers might help your business.

Consider the way you present your products

While promoting products or services on Instagram, you need to create a sensation. Instagram audiences are attracted to everything that is ‘new’. Therefore, unless you can create an appeal for your brand offerings in an attractive way, it will not drive prospects or improve your sales.

Instagram stories

Stories are the most popular feature of Instagram. Hence, brands must use them often to promote their business. It is a known fact that Instagram values creativity. However, while creating Stories, you need not make extra efforts to make them appear perfect. You can use unique and interactive stickers for such posts. You may join a social media advertising course to learn ways to create paid Instagram Stories ads.

Other paid campaigns

Apart from Instagram Stories ads, you can also run advertising campaigns on Instagram. In this regard, you need to learn about various forms of Instagram ads – Photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, IGTV ads, etc. Next, you need to use different tools to monitor your paid campaigns against organic campaigns. It would help you understand how frequently you should run ads or whether they are necessary. Consult a social media marketing agency to develop advertising campaigns for your Instagram page.

To make the most of Instagram marketing, you need to stay updated about the latest trends. Additionally, you have to identify the ones that would suit your business. Elevan August Media is a boutique social media agency Singapore. It also offers social media marketing and advertising courses for employers, future digital marketers, etc. To develop an effective Instagram marketing strategy for your business, feel free to reach out to their professionals.

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