9 SEO KPIs Every Business Should Track


You might have developed SEO strategies to improve your search ranking and bring relevant traffic to your website. However, are you sure it is working? SEO results, unlike paid advertisements, take time to show results. Regular monitoring of SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) will ensure that your SEO efforts are driving the results you want. In this blog, we will discuss 9 useful SEO KPIs to track the performance of your strategies. An SEO expert Singapore can also guide you in this regard.

Organic traffic

It is one of the important SEO KPIs that every business must track. The reason is that it helps to evaluate how far you have succeeded in achieving the main objective of SEO. It means whether there is an improvement in search rankings and web traffic. You should regularly check Google Analytics to monitor the changes in organic sessions over time to understand how well SEO efforts are working.

Search rankings

 It is another crucial SEO KPI that represents the success of your efforts. The higher your website ranks on SERPs against relevant keywords, the better it is for your business. It is because; it will help in driving more relevant audiences to your website. As a result, it improves your chance of higher lead generation and business conversions.

In this regard, you must also ensure that your website ranks for the relevant keyword. By relevance, we mean keywords related to your products and services and also for location. You can use different tools to monitor the changes in search positions of your target keywords. You can even track the rankings of your competitor’s website as well for those keywords. Consult an SEO agency Singapore for keyword analysis. At the end of every month, they would provide you reports on the ranking status of your target keywords.

Search visibility

This KPI helps you check the number of times your domain appears on search results for the keywords it is ranking. Its score will help you plan your other SEO activities. 

To track this KPI, you need to go to the Google search console. Under the performance report, you will find ‘Total Impressions.’ Whenever a user comes to the SERP that contains the URL of your website, it will record an impression. To learn more, you can take the help of a digital marketing agency that offers SEO services.


SEO experts also consider links as another critical SEO KPI. Backlinks are responsible for improving your search rankings. Hence, you need to focus on acquiring links in your SEO strategies. In this regard, remember that gaining low-quality links will not only reduce your site authority but also harm your website’s rankings.  

To maintain a quality link profile, you must monitor its quality score regularly. You may find a backlink analysis tool helpful for this purpose. It would provide a link authority index. Ideally, the higher it is, the better for your website. When you provide your domain to the tools, you will view the quality score of your link profile. Based on the quality of the referring domains, these tools would assess your link profile. As a part of SEO services Singapore, the SEO experts would help in link-building activities.

Organic CTR

This KPI measures the ratio between the number of clicks your link receives to the number of users who view the SERP that contains your link. A higher CTR implies higher traffic. Besides, CTR also a key signal for search rankings. For instance, sites with low CTR will inform search robots that your site doesn’t provide users the information they are looking for. It further will lead to lower search rankings. On the other hand, if the search snippets don’t appear interesting, even higher search rankings might fail to attract more web traffic.

Most businesses focus on search rankings and web traffic and often overlook this KPI. However, tracking organic CTR will help you find whether higher impressions result to an increase in traffic. If not, then you can identify the issues and resolve them. Google Search Console can help you monitor your CTR.

Branded traffic

It refers to the traffic generated from the users that search for phrases with your company name. If the focus of your SEO strategies is to improve brand awareness, then you must track this KPI. While using branded keywords, users knew what they are looking for. Hence the chances of business conversion are higher in this type of search.

To track this KPI with the help of Google Search Console, you need to include all your branded keywords in the filter. Next, you need to track the number of clicks and impressions over time.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate means the traffic that has left your website after visiting them without taking any action. Search engines consider it as a critical ranking factor. A higher bounce rate implies that your site is not relevant to the search query. You can check the ‘Overview report’ on Google Analytics to monitor the bounce rate of different pages on your website. It will help you identify the pages with higher bounce rates. As a result, you can take appropriate measures to reduce it.

Average session duration

It means the average time your web visitors spend on your website. This KPI will help you assess whether your website is successful in improving user engagement. Monitoring this KPI will help you evaluate the quality of your website. Further, you can determine whether you need to modify your site structure to improve user engagement. To encourage your audience to explore your website more, you need to focus on providing relevant and engaging content optimized with the appropriate keywords, internal linking, etc. An SEO agency Singapore can help you in this regard with the required guidance and assistance.


As with other marketing campaigns, you need to measure this KPI to evaluate the success of your SEO efforts. For this, you should measure your net income against the investment you made for SEO. In this regard, be aware that the results you will achieve in the initial stage; might not be satisfactory. However, you will notice improvement after continuing SEO activities for several months.

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