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Web traffic or website traffic is an important factor that helps you to understand various aspects concerning your business. Based on this factor you can determine whether the purpose of building your website is achieved. The same can also help you understand how you can improve the traffic to your website. You can understand which digital marketing strategies are working for your website or which are unable to generate expected results.  

You can also gather insights about your audience to make business decisions. It would also help you to improve your rankings on search engines, and also in lead generation and business conversions. Therefore, it is very important to drive higher and quality traffic to your website to yield maximum benefit for your business.  You can seek guidance from the digital marketing agency Singapore to improve your web traffic.


 The main objective of creating a website for your business is to spread brand awareness. The higher traffic a website would receive the higher will it improve the ranking on search engines which further will help to drive more traffic. However, you should note that along with improving web traffic it is equally important to increase engagement as well. Higher engagement signifies that you are reaching your potential customers which further increases the chance of business conversions. 


Since we have gained an understanding of the importance of web traffic for your business; let us discuss how you to improve web traffic for free.

Create Free Google My Business Listing

It’s interesting to know that an optimized Google My Business Listing can help to improve your web traffic to a great extent as your listing is linked to your website. Also, you should note that if your business listing contains all the information that might be useful for your potential customers in making decisions, they might contact your business directly which is the ultimate goal of your website.

Effective Landing Pages

You can also use the landing page of your website effectively to improve your web traffic. Ideally, they should contain details that will encourage your users to take an action you want and convert into business. They can be email or newsletter signups, various offers on your products and services, starting a free trial or downloading free eBook or guide, etc. Since they are very particular, you need to include a very clear message.

On-page SEO

You can adopt various SEO strategies for your website pages to improve their rank. These include creating high-quality relevant content for your audience, adding brief but comprehensive meta descriptions, etc. Meta descriptions appear below the URL of your website page on search results. Hence, having an idea of what kind of information one will get by clicking on the link, will help in driving more traffic. 

Listings on Online Directories

Another effective way to improve web traffic is getting listed on different free online directories and review sites. The majority of these sites will allow you to provide your website link on your profile. Therefore, by regularly updating these listings, you will be able to generate more traffic to your website.

Creating Backlinks

A backlink for your website is a link from another website to your website. The backlinks help to place your business in front of a larger audience. It also helps to drive quality traffic to your website. Additionally, Google considers backlinks and hence if you have backlinks from other trusted sites, it will help in establishing your website’s credibility. The higher the trust you gain from Google it will be reflected in higher rankings and improve web traffic.

Social Media Posts

Social media is one of the most effective, free and popular marketing tools that can help in improving your web traffic. You can consult any social media marketing agency to help you create a wide range of social media posts. You can promote your website blogs along with other web pages on popular social media platforms. This will help in converting your social media audience to website visitors and drive more traffic to your website. Additionally, you can create many other forms of engaging posts, especially for social media. The more engagement a post receives; it will improve your chance of receiving more potential customers which can convert into actual businesses.

Add Hashtags in your Posts

Adding hashtags in your posts can help you reach the audience who are searching for the products and services you offer. The more your link will reach its target audience, the more you will receive traffic to your website.

Focus on Long-tail Keywords

While short-tail keywords are searched more often, it is difficult to rank for them. On the other hand, long-tail keywords offer a better chance to rank higher on search engines. Additionally, with the advancement of search engines and voice-to-text features, people are using specific phrases while looking for a topic online. You can also use various free tools to select the keywords that you can focus on.

Email Marketing

This further will help in improving traffic to your website. You can include information on your landing page or other web pages that might be useful for your audience. This, in turn, can encourage them to sign up in your email listing to get regular updates regarding your business. By sending regular newsletters or emails to your audience in your email listing, you can engage with them closely. However, you should keep in mind, not to overwhelm your audience with bulk emails. This might discourage them and they may opt-out or unsubscribe from your emails. You should also be particular in choosing the subject lines for your emails as they play a huge role for your audience to decide whether they would open your emails or not. An unopened email will not help in improving traffic to your website.

Guest Blog

You can get an industry influencer to publish a blog on your website. Otherwise, you can also turn an interview with them into a blog form and publish them on your website. This will help in bringing variety to your content and you can also establish the fact that you are updated and active in your industry to your audience.

You can also ask an industry influencer to make a mention of your brand in their round-up post or their review.  In this regard, you need to collaborate with an influencer that can benefit both of you.

Online Engagement

Another effective way to improve web traffic is by staying active on various online groups that are relevant to your business. You can also comment on social media posts and blogs created by other people that are relevant to your business. You can also joint your industry-related online communities and answer various questions and participate in discussions over there. The more you engage the more people will be interested in your profile and visit your website.

Use Analytics

Your website insights obtained from Google Analytics will help you identify which marketing strategies and types of contents have helped in improving your traffic and which one needs improvement. You will also understand the type of strategies and content that has failed to work and will avoid them in the future. Analytics is a great way to improve your web traffic.

If you are unsure of how to increase web traffic, you can consult digital marketing agency Singapore such as Elevan August Media. Their experienced professionals can offer you all forms of digital marketing solutions.

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