Facebook Marketing Course – The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Business

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Facebook Marketing Course is the answer to all your marketing queries concerning your business.


The course is tailored keeping in mind the requirements of business owners, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, sales & marketing professionals, real estate agents and others who want to improve their leads and business conversions.

This Facebook advertising course Singapore is also perfect for YOU, if

  1. You have tried running social ads by yourself and spend thousands of dollars regarding the same, but didn’t get your money’s worth

  2. Your campaigns failed to attract audience consistently and convert high paying clients

  3. You launched a campaign but to only get likes from foreigners in return who are not likely to turn into clients

  4. You wish to know the secret formula that can not only help in creating great ad campaigns but also generate leads and improve business conversions

If all these conditions sound familiar, do not hesitate and join our Full Day Social Media Mastery Bootcamp now!


Elevan August Academy presents Social Media Advertising Bootcamp – the ultimate guide to improve sales and grow your business. You have more than one reason to join this Mastery Bootcamp. Let’s find out how this Facebook Marketing training course Singapore can benefit you

  1. Learn various ways on how to use Facebook for marketing. You will learn about all the secret ingredients for successful marketing campaigns and how to implement them in your business marketing strategies.

  2. Learn about the use of Ad Manager and how you can use Facebook effectively to drive audiences to your website, reach potential customers, encourage them to buy through enticing offers, generate leads, and improve business conversions and much more.

  3. No matter what your business goals are – driving organic traffic to your website, spread brand awareness, generate leads or improve sales – you can achieve all these and many more by using Facebook efficiently.

  4. You will gain first-hand knowledge of the strategy of ‘remarketing’. Once you start implementing these strategies you will always include it as a part of your marketing due to its effectiveness.

  5. You will also learn ways to write powerful as well as persuasive ad copies to resonate with your target audience who will agree to the products and services you are offering them.

WHAT’S MORE……………….

Not just these benefits, you will also get many other bonuses with this social media marketing course Singapore

Facebook ‘Huge-Time-Saver’ advertising cheat sheet

This essential and most important cheat sheet will help you in creating new campaigns that will ensure that you are not missing anything important. You can compare all your available options to make a fast business decision. In other words, this cheat sheet is Invaluable and a huge time saver.

1X Free Refresher course

We are aware that everyone has a different learning speed. So, once you have completed this Social media marketing training Singapore, you are free to attend the same course within 6 months to refresh your knowledge. You must remember that only 1 refresher seat is limited to per course, and hence you should reserve your seat in advance.

6 months of email support

Our relationship doesn’t end after this Mastery Bootcamp. You can send your queries via email after the course, and we will help you understand the areas of improvement.

Extensive library of your competitors’ Ads

This curated library is very useful in understanding how the pros in your industry are creating their campaigns. Instead of feeling unsure of what to write and getting stuck in terms of creativity, you can get inspiration for your campaigns here and that too for free. You can use then to create desire and demand among your audience and ultimately convert your target high paying audience into customers.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Register with us before all seats are reserved.

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