Google My Business – Why is it Essential for Every Business?

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The primary purpose of Google My Business (GMB) is to help connect businesses with their local consumers. Creating a GMB account helps businesses improve their visibility in local organic searches, which further can increase sales and profit. Therefore, without a GMB account, you are losing a significant number of local sales opportunities. While developing local SEO strategies for your business, a digital marketing agency will also suggest you first create a GMB account. We will share the various benefits that businesses can enjoy by marketing with Google My Business.

Benefits of Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business account can offer businesses the following benefits. We are hopeful that after learning about them, you will not overlook the significance of GMB. Sand, if you haven’t yet opened a GMB account for your business, it’s high time you should get at it immediately.

Boost Local SEO

If used wisely, Google my Business can be a powerful SEO tool. However, including a few contact details in your account is not enough. You need to optimize your GMB account. The following tips would help to optimize your GMB account

  • Verify your business
  • Complete all the details on your profile
  • Ensure to keep all the profile information updated and accurate
  • Maintain a NAP (Name, address, phone number) consistency wherever your business is listed
  • Add good quality images
  • Encourage users to leave reviews

You can even consult a boutique digital marketing agencyto help optimize your GMB account.

Customers could easily locate your business on a Map

Another advantage of GMB is that it allows businesses to input their address on Map. Being a popular search engine, Google receives approximately 63000 searches per second. In addition, the number of searches that include the term ‘near me’ has also increased significantly in recent years. You may also be surprised to know that most users do not have a brand in mind while searching for specific services or products.

In such as situation, businesses must improve their visibility for local online searches to increase sales. Any local Google searches or Map queries will always prioritize a GMB listing to appear on the first page of results. Therefore, you cannot afford not to have an account on Google My Business.

Allow users to leave Reviews

GMB allows users to leave a review for your business. Reviews are pretty helpful in getting feedback and referrals. Ideally, potential customers will check these reviews before subscribing to a service or purchasing products online. Therefore, when your business gets reviews, it helps prove its credibility.

Interact with your Customers

It is not just your customers who can leave a review on your profile; GMB also allows you to reply to them. We advise you to reply to every review you get – the positive and the negative ones. Replying to every review shows that you value each one of your customers. Hence, use this opportunity to interact with your customers. In this way, you can even convince a customer to give you a second chance despite a negative experience. Moreover, as everyone could view how you interact with your customers will help in developing a positive brand impression.

It is a Free SEO Tool

The purpose of SEO is to improve your website’s ranking on SERPs. When you get that benefit with the help of a free resource, there is no reason not to take advantage of the same. GMB helps your website rank high on search results. In addition, when it comes to local searches, they offer a better return on investment than other digital marketing methods. The reason is that it helps generate quality leads. With the help of Google my Business, you can improve your overall marketing and SEO strategies.

Images are crucial for a great First Impression

We have mentioned earlier that one of the steps to optimize your GMB account is to add good-quality images. You can upload images of your store, brand offerings, etc., to drive your customers’ attention. In addition, you can also add images of your teammates, employees, local surrounding, events, awards, or happy customers. Such images go a long way for your audiences to form a positive impression of your business.

Gain Customer Insight

Another of the advantages of GMB is that it helps you gain customer insight. You can further utilize these insights to develop effective digital marketing strategies. You may consult a digital marketing agency Singapore to use these insights to understand your customer better.

Using GMB can help you get critical customer data such as the number of views of your listing, the source where they find your listing, and their action after checking the same.

Get an Official Website for your Business

Did you know that? Google My Business also comes with a feature that allows you to create a website. It means you get a chance to create your website for free.

After creating an account on Google My Business, your website will auto-generate information from your business profile. Further, you can customize the same with design themes, images, and text. On your part, you need to purchase a domain and connect to your Google Analytics account.

Google is constantly adding various online features to help businesses and their consumers. As a result, they offer various online tools to help businesses increase their sales and profit irrespective of their sizes. Therefore, you must start using the various features that Google offers to benefit your business.

Elevan August Media is a boutique digital marketing agency Singapore. They are aware of the power of Google My Business and the various benefits they offer to businesses. While developing effective local SEO strategies can help you create an account on Google My Business. If you are still unsure how to start your GMB account or optimize it to use it in your favor, feel free to contact the digital marketers of Elevan August Media.

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