How Business Owners Can Use Social Media in times of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As we are getting continuous updates of COVID-19 pandemic affecting countries worldwide, we are getting more and more concerned. This concern is not only regarding the safety of us and our loved ones. We are also concerned about the safety of healthcare providers who are working tirelessly to treat those who are affected. Apart from this general concern of safety, many business owners are worried about the proper measures to implement to keep their employees protected and support their customers.


In this situation, social media is going to play an important role in maintaining communication between your customers and teammates. Any digital marketing agency Singapore can also guide you regarding the steps you might incorporate as a part of your digital marketing strategy. Let’s find out how business owners can use social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not a Marketing Opportunity

The first thing every business owner needs to remember during this time of crisis is that you should not consider this pandemic as a marketing opportunity. Rather you should take an empathic approach for all your posts and advertising campaign. While developing your marketing strategies with the help of any social media marketing agency, you should keep this aspect in mind.

 However, we can understand the importance of marketing or selling your products and services during this time. It is mostly because the livelihoods of many of your teammates depend on it. However, we would suggest you not to use COVID-19 to promote your brand.

Reconsider your Marketing Plans

It is common knowledge that business owners usually plan their ad campaigns including content for the same in months advance. However, we would like to recommend you to postpone these campaigns for future times. Rather at present, you should address the changing needs of your customers.

Besides, it is also a good time to reflect on your business goals for the coming months. For instance, rather than focusing on new customer acquisition, you might want to focus on customer retention and ways to support them.

Additionally, by keeping your already created contents and campaigns paused, you can invest your spare time in creating new content, or evaluating analytics or on future promotion, etc as well.

Can your brand help?

Now that you understand, what you must avoid in your social media campaigns at this time, let’s discuss how you should use social media then.

Most of the brands may not directly get involved in COVID-19 discussion or conversation. However, it is equally true that almost every business is going to be affected by this pandemic. Therefore, you must find out ways, no matter how insignificant they appear, that would allow your brand to help your customers. You may take the help of any Facebook marketing agency in this regard.

For instance, if you run a local business, through your social media posts, you can let your customers and potential customer know the opening and closing hours of your store. Or you can share how your business is affected or what steps you are taking in supporting your customers.

Again, if you deal in the entertainment industry, you can announce special entertainment shows for your customers who are working from home. Again, if your business is related to the travel industry, you can take this time to reply honestly to the questions your customers might have at this time.

Communicate with your Audience

In times of crisis such as this Coronavirus pandemic, you should always maintain transparency while communicating with your customers. As mentioned in the previous point, along with regular announcements, you should reply to the concerns your customers might have.

For instance, inform them beforehand, whether you are closing your office, or whether your team is providing support by working from home. If your customers might have to wait longer than usual to get a response – inform the same to them. Take effort in conveying all the important messages that might impact your customers clearly and that too in detail.

Additionally, you can use various digital tools to keep smooth communication with your customers. It can be a phone, email, live chat or other messaging options in your various social media accounts. Inform your customers, where they can reach you if they need you.

Opt for an Online Sales Strategy

If you are closing your brick and mortar stores, find a way that would help your employees in earning their paychecks. If you already have an eCommerce platform, you can offer a coupon or discount to encourage your customers in shopping while they are staying at home. You can take the help of social media advertising agency Singapore to promote your offers and deals on various social platforms.


While you can use social media to support your customers you should consider the following important things regarding protecting your teammates.

Set up a Remote Work Plan

While many people are already working remotely throughout the globe, business owners can use various free tools to stay in touch with their teammates even if they are not present in the same place. As a part of your remote work policy, you can determine the time you expect them to be available or online. You can also fix the communication channel such as video call or email and also instruct them regarding their job responsibilities.

Allow Flexible Working Hours

If the situation demands you can allow flexible working hours for your employees. The public gathering has been restricted in schools, colleges, offices, restaurants, etc. In that situation, maintain clear communication and be understanding towards your employees. Also develop a backup plan, if a situation of shortage of staff suddenly arises.

Therefore, by following the above tips, you can use social media in a more considerate way at this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

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