How to Use Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses?

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Facebook offers a great opportunity in presenting engaging content to your users that they would find relevant and useful. Therefore, businesses can use Facebook marketing to improve their brand awareness and reach a larger audience. They can also use analytics insights for targeting an appropriate audience and improving their chance of business conversions. Though small businesses lack marketing budgets similar to a bigger organization, they can still use Facebook for business marketing. In the following section, we are going to share some useful tips that small businesses can use for Facebook marketing. You can also hire digital marketing Singapore in this context.

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Let us discuss some useful tips that can help you in using Facebook marketing for small businesses effectively.

Optimize Your Facebook Page

Include all the important information concerning your business on your Facebook page. Apart from Google, your audience might use Facebook to search for various brands and local businesses. By visiting your Facebook page, they can get information such as your contact details, the products and services you offer and also other testimonials and reviews. This might encourage them to check your business page as well. The more information you provide, the easier your audience can find you. You can also use a tractable number such as Google Voice rather than your primary phone number. This will help you to track the total number of calls coming from your Facebook Page. You can seek guidance from Facebook marketing agency regarding effective ways to optimize your Facebook page.

Use the Story Feature of Facebook

The story features of Facebook are a casual approach to engage your audience. The stories need not be only news related to your business. You can share videos with a question or create a poll. These contents tend to generate more engagement.

Be Creative When it Comes to Cover

Rather than using a general cover for your Facebook page, you can add a video cover. You can also ass short clips from your recent business events, or happy customers, or your employees to create such videos. These types of videos represent your brand better to your audience. They are a much better option than using a static image. Any social media marketing agency can also help you to choose cover for your Facebook page.

Publish Purposeful Post

When it comes to publishing posts on Facebook, you should not post anything that comes on your mind. Rather you should publish a post with a purpose. You should first determine who your audience is. Based on this, you need to consider their preference and the topics they would find relevant and useful. You will also need to think about the form of content that would appeal to them the most.

Besides, the main objective of publishing a Facebook post is to encourage your audience into taking action. So you need o clearly express the message you want your audience to take. In this regard, you can check your Facebook insights to understand, which one of your previous posts have received higher engagement. You can check your competitors’ pages as well to check the kind of posts they publish. All this information will help you to design and select the content of your post effectively. You can also hire digital marketing Singapore who can help you in this regard by saving much of your time.

Use a Content Calendar

A content calendar is one of the best ways to get your contents live on Facebook without the need to spend more time on social channels. A content calendar will help you to decide which post you wish to publish and at what time. You can then preload your contents on a tool such as Buffer. You can further use a scheduling tool and schedule your content so that they could be auto-posted. This will save a lot of your time, and you can visit your page occasionally to monitor and reply to the comments of your followers.

Add Customer Service As a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Most of the users expect great customer service from brands on Facebook. You can stand out from your competitors by offering great customer service to your users. The common problem faced by users when it comes to customer service is reaching a brand at the time of any issue. By responding to those at such a critical moment will help in building their trust towards your brand.

Choose the Right Time for Publishing Your Post

From your Facebook insights, you can collect useful information such as the time of the day and the hour when your audience engages with your content the most. This information will help you to develop a plan regarding publishing your post that would receive higher engagement. Any Facebook marketing agency can also guide you in this regard.

However, if this time matches the peak engagement time of Facebook, your posts might get buried in their news feed amidst other posts. In this case, you can post late at night when the users are usually less active. As a result, those who are active will get to see your post. And if they engage with your posts more, they will stay at the top of your users’ news feed even during peak engagement times.

Add Visual Contents

Another useful tip to use Facebook marketing for small businesses is to include visual content in their post. You can add videos, images, along with textual contents and links to your business website. These types of content are likelier to get more engagement and lead to improved online presence. You can also take the help of any social media marketing agency to create visual content to be posted on Facebook.

Use Custom Audiences for Your Ads

To run your Facebook ad campaigns you do not need a higher Facebook marketing budget. Rather you can develop an effective targeting strategy to position your ads in front of the right people. You can select any Facebook advertising agency in this regard. You can use a Facebook pixel on your website, you can choose the people who can view your ads. You can select them by-

·         Your newsletter subscriber

·         Your website visitors

·         Visitors who watched a video on your page

·         Your Facebook page visitors

You can either select your custom audience or can allow Facebook to create it for you. This type of targeting for both your ads and boosted posts is a more effective way of reaching the right audience.

Measure Your ROI

You can determine the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing by measure your return on investment (ROI). Here investment is not determined in terms of money but by the time and effort, you are putting behind different marketing strategies. You can review your Facebook insights every week to understand how effective your actions are that you have taken regarding Facebook marketing. If it has helped in improving customer engagement and brings new customers then your marketing campaign is indeed successful.

Therefore, all these above-mentioned tips will help you in effectively using Facebook for business marketing. If you are unsure of how to use Facebook marketing for small business, you can contact any Facebook marketing agency such as Eleven August Media. They will help in developing an effective marketing strategy for your local business.

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