How can you create an effective Landing Page for your Website?

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A landing page is the entry page to a website or particular section of a website. In this digital world, the first impression of the landing page of your business website more or less decides the fate of your social presence as well as business conversion from leads.

 If the landing page fails to hold the attention or interest of your audience, they are likely to spend very little time on your website and not bother to check your products or services. This, in turn, can affect your rankings on search engine results and you might not be able to maximize benefits from digital marketing.

The main objective of creating a landing page is to encourage your audience to take action. If you present them with too many options, they might get distracted. By effectively creating a landing page, you can limit their choice, thereby guiding them to take an action you desire. Any digital marketing agency Singapore can guide you in making an effective landing page. Let us find out how you can do so.  

Well-structured Landing Page Design

The first step towards creating an effective landing page for a business website is to choose a clean and minimalist design approach. The primary objective of your business landing page is to motivate them in taking an action whether it is to sign up for a monthly newsletter, or fill out any form or make a purchase or download an eBook. The following aspects are required to give a lot of importance while deciding the design of the landing page of your website.

  • Call to action buttons – An effective landing page involves the use of visually appealing colors and images. You need to ensure that the color of the buttons should be in sharp contrast with the background color. Additionally, you might also experiment with other features of buttons such as size, color, and placement to find out the most suitable combination for your landing page.

  • Content – An important aspect of the minimalistic design is to determine the information you need to provide to your audience to encourage them into taking action. However, you must remember that you must not overwhelm your audience with too much information. Keep it simple and minimal by providing adequate and essential information. An ideal landing page often uses bullets to highlight the key points when required. Advertising agency Singapore can help in creating great marketing campaigns with effective landing pages. 

  • Placement of the content – While deciding the type of content for the landing page of a business is important, choosing a suitable content placement is equally important. You need to determine, what content should be placed in your audience’s direct line of vision and what to be placed in the below section. An interesting way of engaging your audience on your landing page is by using video content. You might use bulleted points to highlight the key features and use video content to explain them.

Business offers

An effective landing page must contain the details of your products, services or offers and an explanation to convince your audience the importance or the value of the same. Following factors concerning your business offers should be given much thought while placing them on your landing page

  • Relevant offers – Firstly, you must ensure that your offers should be relevant to your audience. If your offers have no use for your audience, then there will be a low conversion rate on your landing page. 

  • Your advertisement and the headline should match – If the headline of your landing page does not match with your advertisement, your audience will get confused and leave your website shortly after visiting the. This will increase the bounce rate of your website which, in turn, will affect your rankings. On the other hand, if the ads and the headlines complement each other, then it will not only reduce your bounce rate but also help in improving your AdWords quality score. Any agency involved in Google advertising Singapore can help in creating attractive ad copies with relevant headlines.

  • Attractive headlines – Headlines on your landing page are the first object that grabs the attention of your visitors. An interesting and attractive headline will improve the organic traffic to your website. Additionally, when you place relevant ads, it would further contribute to a higher conversion rate. You must note that you hardly have a few seconds to convince your visitors of your offers’ value. Hence the presentation of your offer, products, and services should be as clear as possible.

Trust signals

An effective landing page uses enough trust signals to establish the credibility of a brand or business. They can be added to your landing page in various forms such as

  • Testimonials and reviews of your existing clients

  • Number of subscribers

  • Past or existing client logos

  • Social shares

  • Third-party certifications

Responsive landing page

With the increase in the number of mobile users, a huge percentage of your website visitors are likely to navigate your website from their smartphones, tablets, etc. If they cannot view the landing page on their devices, it can seriously affect your leads and sales. It has been found that having a responsive website can even double your business conversion rate.  Your landing pages are required to have fast loading speed and can be easy to navigate irrespective of devices.

Use shorter form

When a user visits your business website, you would likely want to gather as much information as possible about them to use them for your business. However, as afar as an effective landing page is concerned, the less is more. It is advisable to ask them as less information as possible, maybe, only name and email address. With larger formers, your visitors might lose interest in filling the forms and left it in the middle, which can further affect your conversion rate.

Addressing concerns of your prospective clients

While you are promoting your products, services in your website effectively, you are likely to receive traffic from various sources. All these individuals have separate needs and requirements. If possible, by customizing the landing page for your audiences, you can improve your conversion rate.

Otherwise, you can involve in interaction with them. By addressing each of your potential customers’ queries, you will not only be able to gain their trust and establish the reliability of your brand or business but also will encourage them into taking the next action you desire.

Repeated Testing

The most important aspect of creating an effective landing page is to carry out thorough testing. You need to test your landing page over and over and keep the records each time to find out the suitable one for your business and audience. Consistent checking will help you determine the things that are working regarding your landing page and things that are not working out.

Therefore, by following the above-mentioned tips, you can create a landing page that will help in improving traffic as well as your rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), and driving your audience towards the goal you have set for them.

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