How Social Media Advertising Can Help Your Business?

social media advertising

The term ‘Social Media Advertising’ is used to describe paid online advertising that targets different social media platforms. One of the most important advantages of this type of advertising is that the advertisers can use the demographic information of their audience to target their ads appropriately. Let us find out how social media advertising can help your business.

How to grow your Business through Social Media Advertising

Generating leads

The ultimate goal of every form of advertising is to generate leads and social media advertising is not an exception. To make the most from this form of advertising, it is advised to link the landing page of your website to every social media ad created. The landing page should also include a call to action button to encourage your audience into taking an action as per your requirement. This will help in improving the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and you can monitor the same.  You can also consult any advertising agency Singapore to make the most from social media advertising.

Increasing visibility

Promoting ads on social media platforms is an effective way to increase content visibility. Promoted ads appear near the top of the News Feeds of more users in comparison to non-paid posts. Additionally, the increase in engagement in these ads also helps in improving the brand awareness of your business.

Targeting a specific audience

Based on the demographic information of social media users, businesses can identify their target audience. By using different features of social media advertising businesses can target their ads to ensure that they are being viewed by their target audience only. On platforms such as Facebook, advertisers can even place their ads on pages with specific keywords. Any Google advertising Singapore can help you in formulating effective advertising strategies.


Social media advertising is cost-effective in comparison to other forms of advertising methods. This is because users who have shown interest in your products and services are the ones whom you have targeted as the viewers of your ads. Besides, you are only charged for your ads when someone clicks on your ads. This is also an effective way to understand what forms of ads can generate more engagement and what ads need further improvements. This will prevent you from spending a large amount on the non-performing ad campaigns.


Social media advertising is the most flexible form of advertising. Firstly, the length of the ad description on various social media networks is longer than that of Google Adwords. Secondly, you also have the flexibility to add images to create visually attractive ads for your viewers. Besides, you can also start and stop the ad campaigns as per your will, an advantage that you cannot enjoy with other conventional forms of advertisements.

Most-effective form of Social Media Advertising

Now that you have gained an understanding of how social media advertising can help your business, let us discuss the different forms of social media advertising that are highly effective. If you are wondering how to use social media for advertising, the following discussion can help you in understanding.


When it comes to social media advertising, no one can deny the role and importance of Facebook. With more than 2 billion monthly active users, you can use Facebook effectively to reach the largest audience of social network users. Facebook advertising can help in limiting your daily ad spends so that you do not exceed your advertising budget. You can also choose between desktop ads and mobile ads for Facebook.  

You can also set up your target audience based on their demographic information such as their location, gender, age, interests, etc. This form of targeting helps you to filter your audience so that your ads can be viewed by your prospective users who are interested in your products, services or offers.

Facebook ads are generally charged either as Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Mile (CPM). In CPC, the advertiser has to pay when someone clicks on their advertisement whereas, in CPM, the advertiser has to pay for one thousand views or clicks of an advertisement. You can monitor and test your target audience as well as the ads to understand which combination works best. You can consult any Facebook advertising agency for placing your ads on Facebook.


Instagram is another popular social media network. It allows you to create visually pleasing ads by using images and videos. To advertise your products and services on Instagram, you need to upload images or short video clips with your message mentioned. Therefore, you need to select appropriate images and videos that would represent your business and the products and services involved properly. You can also take the help of Instagram influencers as they usually have a large number of followers. Besides, peoples rely on the reviews of the influencers and may be interested to buy from the brands they promote.


YouTube is an effective platform for video advertising. Being a Google service, it contains more information regarding the people who visit their website. You can use this information to target your audience and make your ads viewable to them.  You can also select the channels where you do not want your ads to appear. This can help in protecting your brand reputation.


Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is also an effective platform to promote visual content. Users are always active on this platform and hence, the engagement level is also high. Besides, the ads or the promoted pins on Pinterest can blend easily with the content created by the users. As a result, Pinterest users can engage with the content and check them without leaving the platform.


LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used to connect employers with job seekers and even businesses targeting other businesses. To advertise on LinkedIn, you can use text ads, Sponsored InMail or sponsored content.


To advertise on twitter, it is important to have a larger number of followers. For better performance of your business, it is important to have more followers. You can select between ‘Promote ads’ and ‘twitter ads’, select the objective of your ads and provide details regarding the ad campaigns. You can also select a target audience for your various ads. By advertising on Twitter, you can spread your brand awareness and promote your products and services.


You can create ads on Snapchat in various ways such as long-form video content, web view ads, top snaps, etc. Depending on the purpose of creating your ads, you can select the ad formats.

You can consult a professional advertising agency to understand the platform that would be effective for social media advertising.

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