Tips to use Facebook for Business Marketing

facebook for business marketing

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media channels for both individuals & brands alike. As a brand, you also might have realized how other brands are using Facebook to promote their brand, interacting with audiences, etc. In short, they are using Facebook for marketing purposes. If you lack time, you may hire a boutique social media marketing agency in Singapore to use Facebook for marketing purposes. Otherwise, you can or attend Facebook marketing courses Singapore to learn about Facebook marketing. In this article, we would share some useful tips to use Facebook for business marketing.

Optimize Facebook Business Page

One of the crucial aspects of using Facebook for business marketing is your Facebook business page. An optimized Facebook page can act as a great marketing tool for your business and that too for free.  You must include vital business information such as contact number, website, email address, location on your page to help your audience to contact you easily if they want.

As a brand, you can promote your products and services along with ongoing offers on these pages. Additionally, you can share links and visual content to engage with your audience. Interacting with your audience regularly on your page will also help in creating a positive impression about your brand.

While we are at it, let us advise the various ways in which you can optimize your Facebook page. Firstly, use a visually attractive profile picture. You must note that your potential audiences are likelier to view your profile picture first when they land on your social media page. To create a strong first impression, you can upload a clear image of your brand logo as your profile picture. You can join Facebook courses for beginners in Singapore to learn more about the optimization of Facebook pages.

Once you are done with your profile picture, move your focus to the cover photo. Since your cover photo takes up a significant part of your page, you need to add a high-quality image with brand slogans and call-to-actions as your cover photo. If required you can even use cover videos to attract the attention of your audience.

Facebook Advertising

Once, you have set up your Facebook business page let’s move on to learning about creating ads. Facebook allows brands to create Facebook Ads that appear on the side columns of the page. These are also popularly known as Marketplace Ads. You can add a headline, an ad copy, an image, and a link to another Facebook page, or app, or any other website. These types of ads are quite useful in driving sales. Some of the benefits of Facebook Ads are the ability to target an audience as per demographics, set a budget, built in tools to measure the performance of your ad, etc. Pursuing a Facebook advertising course Singapore would help you learn more about advertising on Facebook.

Run contests on Facebook

Another Facebook marketing tip that you can use for your brand is running contests or promotions. These types of marketing strategies help in spreading brand awareness and also increase your followers. However, in this regard, you must remember that Facebook can’t host such contests itself and you need the help of a third-party app. Next, you can direct the audience from the Facebook page to the app. You may find various free as well as paid tools to run Facebook contests.

Promoted posts

Another Facebook marketing strategy that many brands prefer is promoting an individual post to reach a certain number of users. The idea is to increase the reach and impressions of that particular post. It is quite natural that the news feeds of your fans would be overflowed with posts from their friends and the other pages they follow. Amidst a huge number of posts, they are likelier to miss out on your post. If you want to draw their attention to any specific post of yours, you might be ready to pay a flat rate to promote your post. However, unlike ads, you cannot target an audience for promoted posts. Join a Facebook training course to learn more about Facebook marketing and advertising. It would help you develop better strategies for your brand.

Sponsored stories

These are one kind of Facebook ad that displays the engagement of a user such as ‘like’ to the people on their friend list. The concept of sponsored stories is based on the ‘word of mouth’ promotion. If a user saw that one or more than one of their friends are following a certain page, they are likelier to take the same action. Though any user can view the action their friend has taken on a page on their news feed, they might overlook the same.

Sponsored stories, on the other hand, can appear on the news feed, the right sidebar and get a preferred position. Besides, this type of ad format is also available on mobile devices. According to Facebook, sponsored stories receive almost 46% higher CTRs in comparison to regular Facebook ads. Therefore, if you seriously want to develop an effective business marketing strategy using Facebook, you should consider this type of ad. Attending a Facebook advertising course Singapore will help you develop better advertising campaigns for your brand.

Open Graph

Another useful Facebook marketing tip for your business is using the open graph. It allows businesses to label the action of a user with their app. For instance, you might see an app or a website to prompt their users to sign in to Facebook. The main idea for such action is to connect the user with Facebook Open Graph. Open Graph actions are unique and hence they stood out in the user’s news feed. Since these types of posts are generated by a known friend rather than a brand; open graph posts hold more value to the users.

Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange is another interesting & useful feature that allows advertisers to retarget their ads on Facebook through real-time bidding. For instance, a user visits a website and check particular products. However, they might leave the site without purchasing the product. In such cases, the brands might display an ad for those products on Facebook with the help of Facebook Exchange. Unlike Facebook retargeting ads, these ads can appear in news feeds and hence can improve business conversions. A Facebook marketing course can help you learn about such interesting Facebook features to carry out your marketing activities.

Elevan August Media is a boutique social media marketing agency that also offers Facebook marketing courses Singapore. These courses are meant for both future digital marketers as well as entrepreneurs. Attending these would help you learn about the ways to use Facebook for business marketing.

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