How to Perform a Content Gap Analysis?

content gap analysis

A content gap analysis is the process of evaluating your existing content. The purpose is to identify missing content pieces that should align with various stages of a buyer’s journey. Performing this analysis can help you identify where you might be missing keywords or content opportunities. Fixing this ‘gap’ can help you drive more traffic, convert leads into businesses, and add value to your target audiences. An SEO agency in Singapore often guides businesses in performing a content gap analysis to identify keywords and content opportunities.

Benefits of Performing a Content Gap Analysis

Ideally, a content gap analysis involves auditing your web pages, blogs, social media content, landing pages, eBooks, etc. Performing this analysis can benefit businesses in various ways. Let’s discuss them further.

Improve audience engagement

A content gap analysis will help you understand where your content is lacking. Based on this data, you can create appropriate content to position your offers as a solution to their existing problems. Providing your audiences with the information they are looking for will help drive more traffic and improve audience engagement.

Improve SEO

A content gap analysis will help you identify more content and keyword opportunities to drive more traffic. However, as the market is competitive, you may find your content matching that of your competitors. Hence, performing keyword research to identify the existing gaps is critical. In this regard, you can take the help of an SEO expert in Singapore. Besides, you can analyse the keywords you are presently using. Furthermore, you can also analyse the possible keyword opportunities. Considering both analyses, you can determine the additional keywords you should optimise your content to drive more web traffic.

Identifying keywords your competitors use can also help you develop a better strategy. In this regard, consider the following –

  • Identify the keywords for which your competitors are ranking, but not you
  • Identify the topics you should create content on to outrank your competitors in SERPs

As you create more relevant content to fill the gap and optimise them for the appropriate keywords, you will notice an improvement in your website’s SERP rankings. It will further help drive more traffic, and you can understand your customer’s journey better.

Grow your business

The twofold benefit of content gap analysis is that – it helps improve user experience and encourages users to purchase from you.

Suppose your company manufactures a product that serves multiple industries. Without proper analysis, you cannot identify your potential buyers. As a result, you may develop a content strategy that has to compete against businesses from various industries. In this scenario, when you perform a content gap analysis, you can create content targeting the audiences at their decision stage. It will help you attract more targeted buyers who will likely purchase from you.

Content helps guide leads and prospects along the buyer’s journey till they become your customers. In addition, it also helps target new audiences at their awareness stage. Identifying gaps in each stage of the buyer’s journey and creating content accordingly will likely improve business conversion. Otherwise, you may lose business opportunities to your competitors.

Tips To Perform a Content Gap Analysis

We hope you understand the role of a content gap analysis in boosting your overall content strategy. Let’s discuss how you can perform this analysis.

Use tools to analyse the content gap

Before performing this step, you need to identify your competitors. You can create a list of around 3-5 competitors. Next, create a competitor list including businesses larger, similar, and smaller-sized than you. You may use various keyword reporting tools to identify competitor domains appearing repeatedly. Otherwise, you may check high-priority keywords on SERPs using Google Search Console or similar tools. It would help you identify new keywords or their variations or subtopics.

After identifying keyword opportunities for your posts, you can fix the content gap in the following ways.

  • You can strategically include new keywords in your future content to improve quality.
  • You can also update existing content with missing keywords. In this regard, you may need to rephrase your sentences or paragraphs to ensure content quality.
  • From time to time, perform keyword content gap analysis to continue ranking high on SERPS for relevant searches.

Aligning your content to the buyer’s journey

Marketers have divided a buyer’s journey into various stages. A simple version has four stages – awareness, consideration, decision, and brand loyalty and advocacy. When performing a content gap analysis, check whether you have content for each stage.

  • Awareness stage – When creating content for potential buyers at this stage, target keywords related to their problems. Your content should address their concerns and provide adequate information regarding the same. You need to remember that it might not immediately convert your followers into actual customers, which would need more time.
  • Consideration stage – Buyers at this stage compare various solutions to their problems. Hence, you can create content highlighting key features of your solutions and how they can help them overcome their issues.
  • Decision stage – It is the most critical stage to convince your leads to buy your products and services. Hence, you need to create appropriate content to encourage your prospects to buy.
  • Brand loyalty and advocacy – Creating content for this stage can help you earn your customer’s loyalty and build a long-term relationship with them. For instance, you can send regular emails updating them about your offers and ask them for their reviews and feedback. It would help your customers feel valued. Besides, if they had a good experience with your products and services, they will continue buying from you.

Audit your content

Another effective way to perform content gap analysis is to audit your content. It will help reveal underperforming content on your website. When auditing content, check the following aspects.

  • Ensure that your Metadata, title tags, and headers are optimised for users and search engines
  • Include effective calls-to-action in your webpages
  • Create structured data for content like FAQs, Videos, etc.
  • Ensure your content matches visitor’s search intent
  • Create internal links for easy navigation
  • Ensure your website is responsive and has a faster page loading speed. Otherwise, despite creating high-quality content, it will not perform well on SERPs.

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