How to Use Google Trends for Content Marketing?

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Google Trends help analyse the popularity of a search term or phrase on Google searches. Identifying relevant and trending topics in your industry, performing keyword research, developing SEO strategies, etc., are some of the uses of Google trends. When developing content marketing strategies, an experienced SEO agency in Singapore, such as Elevan August Media, uses Google Trends. This blog will discuss tips for using Google Trends effectively for your content marketing and SEO strategies.

6 Tips to Use Google Trends for Content Marketing

Google Trends is an effective tool for developing content marketing and SEO strategies. You can implement the following tips to use this tool.

Identify Trending and Relevant Topics

When creating content for your audience, you need to ensure they are relevant, trending and offer some value. However, coming up with fresh topics consistently is quite challenging. In this regard, Google Trends can be helpful. You can add a broad topic in the search bar, which will display a list of relevant content ideas. Consistently creating trending and relevant topics can help you drive more traffic.

Ideas for Future Content

Google Trends reveal the performances of various keywords, such as whether their popularity is increasing or decreasing. Based on the graph of a keyword, you can predict whether they will also continue trending in the near future. If not, you may need to focus your content marketing efforts on other keywords.

Improve Keyword Research

While relevance, trending, and offering values are the most critical components of any content, you cannot ignore its SEO significance. Unless you optimise each piece of content on your website for SEO, how can you ensure their high SERP ranking for relevant search queries? Hence, you need to include the right keywords for appropriate content.

At the top dashboard of Google Trends, you will notice an ‘Explore’ button. In this section, you can enter different search terms and compare them to identify the ones with most searches. The reasons for using Google Trends to identify the most searched keywords are –

  • Using them in your content will help improve their chances of becoming more visible to relevant searchers.
  • These search terms are likely long-tailed and often used in regular conversation. Instead of using keywords, include these search phrases to get better results.

All you need to do is identify relevant and most searched keywords and use them in your content. However, you need to understand that, similar to you, your competitors might also be using Google Trends for keyword research. Besides, Google Trends never display the search volume of these keywords. Hence, along with Google Trends, you will have to use other paid and non-paid tools to perform keyword research for your website. Besides, from time to time, you should perform Content Gap Analysis to identify more keyword and content topic opportunities.

Create a Better Content Calendar

A content calendar is a critical aspect of content marketing. The purpose of creating a content calendar is to schedule your content, regardless of its format, at the right time to get the best results. Google Trends can display data that reveal the trending posts and the right time to publish them. It can help boost your content marketing efforts.

A lot of effort goes behind in researching and creating the right content. Hence, publishing them at the right time needs some consideration, too, for better results.

Improving Branding Efforts

Interestingly, Google Trends also help reveal how your audiences perceive your brand compared to your competitors. It will help you develop better content marketing, SEO, and brand promotion strategies.

You need to add region or country, period of searches, industry types, etc., and check web searches to identify the brands most searched in the industry.

Small and large organisations can use this feature by selecting the areas their brand serves. Google Trends provide you with real-time data on various searches. Hence, during an ongoing event, chances are quite high that people will search for various phrases related to that event. It might allow you to find relevant keywords and content topics. This information allows you to create content and boost their performance.

Optimise Your SEO Strategies

Content marketing and SEO are both critical to each other. Hence, when using it effectively, Google Trends can help boost your content marketing and SEO efforts. It allows you to check the popularity of keywords globally or by country, city, etc.

It can help you strategise your digital marketing campaigns and determine the source of your potential customers. You may already have a vague idea about the location of your customers. Use Google Trends to research further about their search patterns. It will help you identify relevant search terms, phrases, and topics.

Elevan August Media, an SEO agency in Singapore, has been helping brands from various industries grow. Whether creating blogs to boost SERP rankings, promoting a business on social media, or running PPC advertising campaigns, you can consult our professionals. Using Google Trends effectively, we can plan content marketing and SEO strategies to help you rank high on SERPs for relevant searches.

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