Why a Reputed Social Media Marketing Agency is Preferred over Individual Marketer?

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A social media marketing agency is responsible for helping businesses promote their brand offerings to relevant social media users. Besides, they also help develop effective strategies to meet various business goals, such as spreading brand awareness, increasing followers, generating leads, improving conversion, etc. Social media marketing involves various skills such as copywriter, graphic designers, etc. Hiring individual marketer for managing all these aspects will not help you get quality services. Hence, it is better to hire a trusted social media marketing agency in Singapore. This blog will provide an overview of hiring a social media marketing agency.

Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency over an Individual Marketer

You are responsible for managing various aspects of your business as a business owner. You may realise the significance of social media marketing for your business; however, you either lack the time or expertise to utilise it effectively. In this regard, hiring a social media marketing agency may help. Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring a social media marketing agency.

Create a consistent social media presence

Social media marketing doesn’t imply random or spontaneous posting on various channels. It can confuse your audiences, who may wonder whether your business is operational. The way audiences use social media has changed over time. It is no more limited to connecting to other people but also searching for businesses. Hence, if you want your target audiences to find you on various social media channels, you must be consistent in your marketing. It is why you need the help of a social media marketing agency. They will help develop effective strategies to promote your business to relevant social media users. It involves determining the number of monthly posts, time of publishing, post types, organic or paid advertising, etc.

Meet business goals

Every business aims to grow its brand through earning revenue and profit. However, the road to achieving this goal is through various short-term goals. It includes spreading brand awareness, getting more followers, improving audience engagement, driving traffic, generating leads, and converting them into businesses. At Elevan August Media, our social media strategists help create effective plans to achieve these goals.

Partner with a team of social media experts

As a business, you understand how significant social media is. However, you may doubt which approach or strategies to take to meet your goal. Hiring a social media marketing agency allows you to partner with social media experts. They are copywriters, graphic designers, SEO experts, social media strategists, and social media managers. Based on your industry and audience types, they can guide you about the right approach to reach your target audiences. An individual marketer cannot offer you the same quality of services as a team of social media experts.

Make data-based decisions

Hiring a social media agency will help you understand how data and analytics help shape strategies and optimise them from time to time. They analyse insights of individual channels, identify what is working in favour of your business and what is not, etc. It further helps them determine which campaigns need modification, more focus, or which need to be paused for the time being. As all their decisions are based on analysing data, the chances of successful campaigns increase. They monitor your campaigns closely to identify the content that best resonates with your audience and modify your campaigns accordingly to improve conversions.

Establish a strong relationship with audiences

Social media is changing, and so is consumer behaviour. Audiences trust brands that humanise themselves and value their audiences. They are eager to learn about you and what you offer. Social media allows two-way conversation. Hence, utilise this opportunity to engage with your audience and establish a strong relationship with them. In this regard, a social media agency works as an extension of your customer service team. They interact with audiences to foster relationships and earn their trust. An individual marketer alone cannot offer you this level of service.

Saves you time

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a social media marketing agency is that it helps save you time. Business owners are already short on time as they must focus on critical business aspects, such as management and operations. Amidst their crazy schedule, finding time to take over social media marketing can be challenging. Therefore, when you trust a social media marketing agency with critical services such as content creation, designing posts, scheduling them, networking, etc., it saves you time and relieves your worries.

How to Select the Right Social Media Marketing Agency?

Now that you understand the benefits of hiring a social media marketing agency, how will you select the right one for your business? Considering the following factors can help you hire the right agency. Let’s discuss them further.


Social media marketing involves activities that demand the help of professionals. It can be content creation, graphic designing, SEO experts, monitoring campaign performance, and optimising them accordingly. Therefore, when hiring a social media marketing agency, enquire about their team and expertise.

Industry specialisation

You may find a social media marketing agency with experienced and skilled professionals. However, if they do not know how your industry functions, they might be unable to add value to your business. Therefore, when hiring an agency, you should check the industries they have served, the specific channels they have expertise in, and the services they offer. If these aspects align with your business needs, you can trust them to run your campaign successfully.

Feedback of customers

You may come across many options when trying to find the right social media marketing agency for your business. Even if they claim expertise in your industry, it doesn’t hurt to check customer reviews. You need to ensure you are investing in the right agency to help your business. You can check their case studies, client testimonials, portfolios, etc.

Elevan August Media is your trusted social media marketing agency in Singapore. We understand that not all business owners can dedicate much time to social media to target relevant audiences and promote their businesses. Hence, our team of experts work with businesses to develop strategies to help meet their various business goals. While it saves you time, it also ensures better ROI for your business.

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