What are the Best Ways to Design your Social Media Posts?

best way to design social media ads

Social media is critical for businesses to connect with their audiences and promote their brands. Therefore, you must create visually appealing and consistent social media designs to deliver your brand message effectively. Additionally, you may consult a social media marketing agency to create engaging social media posts for your brand. This blog will also share a few effective tips for designing your social media posts.

8 Tips for Designing Social Media Posts

Social media design involves various elements, such as colours, typography, etc., that need to work seamlessly with each other to create effective visual effects. Let’s discuss some effective tips you should implement when designing your social posts.

Selecting the right colours

Different colours convey varied emotions. Therefore, based on how you want your audience to perceive your brand, you need to select the colour scheme accordingly. For instance, choose the colour blue if you want your brand to be perceived as trustworthy. On the other hand, colours such as yellow or arrange are often associated with hope, optimism, happiness, etc.

You can even choose to combine multiple colours to boost audience engagement. However, in this regard, you need to find a balance between colours. Otherwise, it will compromise your brand’s perception.

Include text wisely

When adding text to visual content, you need to balance them. Inserting long content can overcrowd your image. Hence you need to limit textual content to one or two lines to make your post appear clear and concise. The clearer your posts are, the better engagement they may receive.

Select fonts according to your brand’s identity

Similar to colours, typography also plays a crucial role in shaping your brand’s personality. Selecting the right font can help deliver your brand message effectively to your audience. Experts suggest alternating between two to three fonts to maintain brand consistency. Regardless of the type of font you choose for your social media posts, ensure they are easy to read, even from mobile devices.

Maintain consistency

You should always be consistent when designing social media posts to improve brand recognition. For instance, if you come across a brand that changes its logo and brand colours frequently, chances are high that you might confuse it with other brands. Brand recognition is critical for building the audience’s trust and loyalty.

Therefore, if you want to earn your audience’s trust, you must follow consistent social post designs.

Use social media design templates

Social media design templates can save you time when creating social media posts. Besides, they also help in consistent branding. Different platforms have made it easier to create templates and align them to your strategy. You can use diverse templates for various content types, such as infographics, visual content, videos, etc.

Adjust designs accordingly to the platform

Different social media platforms have set guidelines for image sizing and content.The following are some examples –

  • Facebook image size – 1080X1080 pixel
  • Instagram image size – 1080X1080 pixel
  • Twitter image size – 1200X1200 pixel
  • LinkedIn image size – 1080X1080 pixel

Besides sizing, you will also need to consider appropriate content types according to social media channels. The following examples can help you in this regard.

  • Facebook – Infographics, videos, memes, graphics, animations, etc.
  • Instagram – Product images, user-generated content, behind the scene images, etc
  • Twitter – GIFs, deals, offers, visualising customer feedback
  • LinkedIn – Infographics, banner images, SlideShare presentations, etc

Follow design best practices

The purpose of creating visually appealing social media content is to drive your audience’s attention and encourage them to engage. Implementing the following design principles can help improve audience engagement.

  • Using white or negative space to drive your audience’s focus to the specific area
  • Arranging visual elements in order of importance by experimenting with sizes, space, contrast, and other design elements
  • Creating equal visual weight to create a sense of harmony
  • Using contrast colours, sizes, textures, etc., to help specific aspects stand out in the post

Pay attention to your profile

Besides social media post designs, you must also put enough effort into designing your social media profiles. The following tips can help you in this regard.

  • Use the same profile picture, i.e. your logo, across all social channels
  • Add a cover photo that aligns with your brand visually and contextually
  • Update your profile to highlight special events or holidays

Creating visually stunning and effective social media posts is critical to boosting audience engagement. You can create engaging social media posts for your brand by following the tips we shared. Using appropriate colours, typography, design, templates, etc., can help you create effective social post designs.

It is worth consulting professional graphic designers when designing posts for your social media pages and profiles. You can trust their experience and skill in creating high-quality visual content. Elevan August Media is your trusted social media marketing agency Singapore. They have years of experience in graphic design services. You can reach out to them to develop effective social media strategies for promoting your brand.

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