Why should you Include Influencer Marketing in your Social Strategy?

Influencer marketing

Brands and marketers always try to implement various marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Influencer marketing can help achieve these goals. When used properly, they can help build your brand and spread awareness among their target audiences. A social media marketing agency can help brands collaborate with relevant influencers and develop strategies to promote their business to potential customers. This blog will discuss the benefits of using influencer marketing in social strategy.

 What is Influencer Marketing?

Social media marketing is a preferred way for brands to engage with audiences and build strong relationships. Influencers are public figures with a community of followers whom they can influence towards making a purchasing decision. As a result, when you collaborate with relevant influencers in your niche, they promote your brand offerings to their followers and encourage them to purchase from you.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Brands can greatly benefit from investing in influencer marketing. Let us discuss the benefits of influencer marketing as a part of your social strategy.

Increases audience reach and spread brand awareness

Influencers are of the following categories –

  • Mega influencers – millions of followers, e.g. celebrities
  • Macro influencers – 500k to 1 million followers
  • Mid-tier influencers – 50k to 500k followers
  • Micro-influencers – 10k to 50k followers
  • Nano-influencers – 1k to 10k followers

When you collaborate with influencers in your niche, you can promote your brand offerings to their followers, who can be your potential customers. One of the key advantages of advertising with influencers is that they can effortlessly combine brand campaigns in their campaigns without appearing too sales-y or promotional.

Amidst loads of commercial advertisements, influencers’ endorsements make it genuine for their followers and help gain their trust. Moreover, influencer marketing helps you gain more visibility with helps spread brand awareness.

It helps gain credibility and trust

Influencers can influence their audiences by displaying their expertise in a specific niche. It further helps them gain their audiences’ trust. By delivering consistent original, valuable, and authentic content, they have earned the trust and respect of their audiences and succeeded in building a strong relationship with them. As a result, it doesn’t seem like an advertisement when they recommend your brand or what you offer to their audiences. Doing so helps people to be more open about your brand and its offerings. 

Improved content strategy

Consistently creating fresh and engaging content is a challenge. As a result, there are times when you can feel stuck or run out of ideas. In such situations, influencer marketing can be of great help. Influencers have the habit of consistently producing quality content for their audience to keep them engaged. When you collaborate with them, they can help create content that delivers your brand message effectively to the followers. Before you sign an agreement with influencers, you must inform them clearly about the objectives you wish to achieve.

Establish a long-term partnership

To make the most of influencer marketing, you must partner with the ones who serve your niche. It helps you reach the audiences who can be your potential customers. Brands nowadays focus on building long-lasting relationships with influencers instead of hiring them for single campaigns. Doing so helps businesses get long-term success. It further helps save time and expenses on resources. In addition, it also helps establish credibility for brands.

Helps boost SEO and ROI

Influencer marketing helps boost SEO and ROI. As influencers have a significant number of followers, collaborating with them will help improve your brand’s visibility with more relevant audiences. Google considers ‘links’ as one of the critical search ranking criteria. Hence, influencer marketing allows you to build backlinks for your website. Though these links are flagged to avoid affecting search rankings, they still help build brand awareness and drive traffic. Creating more content through influencer marketing can help create opportunities to rank high on SERPs.

Influencer marketing helps big brands to drive more customers. Likewise, they help small businesses get more visibility which further helps increase ROI compared to other marketing methods.

Influence purchasing decisions and sales

One of the primary reasons for brands to collaborate with influencers is to increase sales and conversion. As influencers have their audiences’ trust, they can encourage them to purchase from brands they endorse. Various studies revealed that influencers could affect customers’ purchasing decisions at different levels. Therefore, collaborating with them can indeed help boost sales and conversion.

Cost-effective and saves time

Compared to various forms of paid advertisements, influencer marketing can be cost-effective. Influencers charge accordingly based on the total strength of their followers and the niche they serve. It allows brands to promote their offerings on platforms where their prospects are most active. Considering the benefits influencer marketing offers, it outweighs the expenses involved. It further helps improve your ROI, boost sales, and thus saves money. The most common way to manage influencer marketing expenses is to agree on an affiliate deal where the influencers earn commission based on their performance.

Collaborating with influencers in your niche gives you access to a loyal fan base, which otherwise would have been time-consuming. Advertising campaigns involve investing time, resources, and money to create content and schedule it on different channels. Collaborating with influencers, on the other hand, allows you to outsource all these activities, thereby saving lots of time.

Besides, you can also repurpose branded content created by influencers to save your marketing expenses. It helps you get audience feedback, which you can use to optimise your marketing campaigns further.

Any business can utilise influencer marketing

Generally, influencers are the ones who have expertise in their niche. As a result, irrespective of the size of your business, you can utilise this marketing method to your benefit, provided you select the right influencer who meets your needs. Businesses can use various strategies to collaborate with influencers. For instance, small businesses or start-ups can greatly benefit by collaborating with micro-influencers. On the other hand, large organisations with higher marketing budgets might benefit from collaborating with other authorised brands or celebrities.

Elevan August Media is a boutique social media agency Singaporethat can help identify potential influencers in your niche. Further, they can help form collaboration between your brand and the right influencer to boost your overall social media marketing campaign.

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