Top 9 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2023 Businesses Need To Know

social media marketing trends

Social media serves as a medium for brands to showcase their offerings, interact and engage with audiences, drive web traffic, and generate leads and businesses. As a result, it is natural for brands and marketers to feel curious about the social media trends of 2023 as they can impact their business. This blog will discuss the trends expected to become popular in the current year. In addition, we believe it will guide you when you plan your strategies for the next few months with a social media marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

Including the following social media trends 2023 in your marketing campaign can help your business to succeed. So let’s discuss them further.

Effective shopping platform

Social media channels have become popular shopping platforms for the past few years. It includes the likes of Instagram shopping, click-through ads, etc. Besides, social media also plays a critical role in providing quality customer service and converting sales. Experts are of the opinion that the social selling trend will increase further this year.

Social media advertising

Brands will likely spend more on social media advertising this year. Ad spending has increased steadily in the last few years, and marketers will likely continue this trend for the next few years. Without social media advertising, brands will miss out on many potential sales, which is not favourable for their business.

Popularity of influencers

The rise of influencer marketing has helped create the concept of paid sponsorship. Brands collaborate with influencers in their industry who will talk about their products and, in turn, ‘influence’ their audiences to purchase from them. As influencer marketing continues growing, brands spend a significant part of their marketing budget on it. Therefore, with brands needing more content and influencers finding a way to monetize their creation, the influencer marketing trend will continue to grow.

The popularity of Video content

Channels such as YouTube state that users consume approximately 1 billion hours of content daily. Along with entertaining videos, consumer-generated content, branded content, etc., are some of the most popular forms of video content users like to watch. Besides YouTube, other popular platforms to post and share video content are Facebook Live, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. As video content continues to popularity, brands can use it to establish their identity on social media.

When talking about video content, we would like to highlight that short-form content is gaining more popularity due to the low attention span of audiences. In this regard, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc., has become popular over the last few years.

Calling out brands for social awareness

In the past years, the brand might have gone away with not caring about events happening around the world or taking a stand on social issues, etc. However, the recent social media trend is calling out brands for their stand on various social issues. As a result, brands positioning themselves wrongly on various issues can even cause them to get ‘cancelled’ by users.

It is not just limited to issues concerning social justice. In addition, audiences also want to know whether a company’s supply chain process is transparent and has proper labour practices. For example, it has been noticed that brands running factories with poor working conditions or low wages met with various troubles on social media and other forums.

Focus on Inclusivity and Diversity

It is another social media trend that has become popular recently. Following this trend, many brands are vocal about how well they treat their employees, including minorities, queer community, etc. In addition, many brands focus on presenting their organization as more inclusive and diverse.

Popularity of TikTok

Even a few years back, Tiktok has not been a common name among social media users. However, this social media platform is growing steadily, with over a billion viewers. A survey of Android users revealed that people spend more hours per week on TikTok than on YouTube. Another study revealed that advertising on TikTok receives better results than other networks.    

Increased brand connection and personalization

It took time, but brands have realized that people prefer to buy from brands to which they feel a personal connection. As a result, following this trend, brands present personalized messages to specific market segments. In addition, based on users’ browsing history, they are also focusing on serving personalized ads.

Utilizing comparatively smaller platforms

While most marketers have focused on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, other marketers have started taking an interest in comparatively smaller platforms, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

During the pandemic, platforms like Pinterest have witnessed significant growth in the number of users. As it’s an idea-based network, many users have turned to it to plan their projects. Besides, professional networks such as LinkedIn have also benefitted from changing social media trends. For example, the need to move professional networking online; more people nowadays spend time on Linkedin. Besides, as networking involves interaction, it has caused organic engagement to improve on this channel.

Therefore, whether you are a brand or a marketer, you can utilize these trends in your campaign to help it succeed. Elevan August Media is a boutique social media agency Singapore that helps plan strategies based on your business goals. You can consult them about developing effective social media marketing strategies to grow your business.

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