What are the different types of Google Ads you can use for your business?

Types of Google Ads

Google offers various advertising options to help you reach the right audiences to promote your brand, products, and services. You can select any of the nine types of Google ads for your business. These ads run on one or more properties, such as Google SERP, Google Shopping, YouTube, Play Store, etc. With effective Google advertising in Singapore, you can target the right audiences and improve ROI for your business.

9 types of Google Ads for your business

You can use the following types of Google Ads to achieve your different business goals. Let’s discuss them further.

Search Ads

These are text-based ads. You need to identify relevant keywords for your offers and bid on the same. As a result, when users search for related keywords, Google will display your ads on the top of the search results, provided you win the Google Ads auction.

Search ads can be of the following types.

  • Responsive – You can create ads that adapt to display relevant results to searches. For this ad type, you can add multiple headlines and descriptions. Google tests different combinations of titles and descriptions to identify which one works best for you.
  • Call ads – These ads include a clickable phone number that allows users to call your business. You must use call tracking for this type of ad to measure how many calls your ads succeeded in driving.
  • Dynamic – Google creates these ads using content from your website and a short description that you will provide.

Display Ads

Display Ads are image-based ads that appear on websites within the Google Display Network as people browse them. These ads target placements, topics, and audiences. They help drive brand awareness and increase the number of relevant impressions. These ads can help increase branded searches that can boost your search campaigns. Besides, they offer plenty of customisable targeting options.

They can be of the following types –

  • Single image – They are static ads that can appear on web pages and other places on Display Network.
  • Responsive – Google generate these ads from a set of assets, such as images, headlines, descriptions, etc., and displays the best-performing ads on various platforms.

Video Ads

Google can display video ads on YouTube, websites, and apps running on Google video partners. They are available in different ad formats. Businesses that offer products that are otherwise hard to describe can benefit from these ads. The reason is that by creating videos, businesses can explain their features and benefits to relevant audiences. These ads are engaging and available with various formats, targeting, and bidding options.

Video ads can be of the following types –

  • Skippable in-stream videos – They appear before, during, or after streamed content that users can choose to skip after 5 seconds.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads – Viewers cannot skip these ads, and they have to watch the whole video.
  • In-feed video ads – They appear on YouTube search results, besides related YouTube videos, etc. These ads contain a thumbnail image with text that encourages viewers to click on them to watch more.
  • Bumper ads – These are non-skippable ads of 6 seconds or less that play before, during, or after another video.
  • Outstream ads – These are mobile-only ads appearing only on Google Video Partner sites and not YouTube. They play automatically on mute to encourage viewers to check the full version with sound on.

Shopping ads

These are visual ads that appear on Google’s Search and Shopping tabs. To create the ads, you need to provide product data to the Merchant Center and create a campaign in Google Ads. Accordingly, Google creates these ads and displays them on various placements based on your campaign type. These ads are best for eCommerce businesses and local retailers.

Shopping ads can be of the following types –

  • Product shopping ads – These are regular shopping ads appearing on SERP when searches are looking to buy something.
  • Local inventory ads –Businesses can submit their store inventory to Google Ads Merchant Center, and Google will display ads to nearby searchers. They are identical to product shopping ads; however, they also provide additional information, such as when the items are in stock for in-store pickup.

Smart Ads

These are fully automated Google Ads. Google creates and manages these ads. Businesses need to provide a few details during the setup process. These include your business website’s URL, Business address, Google Business profile, etc. Based on these data, Google can help create customised ad strategies. They help advertise your business across Google Search, Maps, YouTube or other partner sites. Businesses that lack time to manage their Google Ad accounts can benefit from these ads. Smart ads can serve Search Ads or Display Ads.

Performance Max Ads

They are also automated ads that allow advertisers access to all Google Ad inventory from asingle campaign. Google can display these ads on SERP, Google Maps, Google Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, etc. You need to inform Google about your primary goal and provide assets and information about your products, services, etc. Therefore, businesses that have a specific conversion goal, such as eCommerce, can benefit from these ads. These ads target multiple placements with one campaign. As a result, they might require a marketing budget that may not suit all businesses.

App Ads

These ads appear on Search, YouTube, Google Play, Discover, and Google Display Network. They aim to drive downloads and engagement with your app. These ads are created using text and images provided in the app store listing, and you can select different campaign settings, such as budget, location, etc. Based on this information and settings, Google serves your app ads accordingly.

App ads can be of the following types –

  • App install with a download button
  • App engagement to drive existing users to a specific landing page
  • App pre-registration for Android devices to build an audience for your app before releasing the same on Google Play 

Discovery Ads

These are automated Google Ads that display across all of Google’s feed placements to help your audience discover your products and services. These placements include the Promotions and Social tab feeds in Gmail, Home and Watch Next feed on YouTube, etc. Similar to other automated ads, you can select ad assets. However, Google is responsible for managing your ad placements.

Local Services Ads

They appear on Google Search, and when users click on them, they can either call or message your business. Businesses need to complete their Google Business Profile and verification process. Once you are approved, your ads will appear with a green badge or check-mark. When a customer contacts you from your ad, then only you have to pay.

Local Services Ads can be of the following types –

  • Google Guaranteed ads are for home service providers
  • Google Screened ads are for professional services

There is no fixed answer as to which type of ad is best for your business. It depends on your business types, campaign goals, audience types, etc. Elevan August Media is an advertising agency in Singapore. We can help develop effective advertising campaigns on Google to help achieve your business goals. You can consult our professionals for further assistance.

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