5 useful Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Conversions

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In today’s world, you cannot overlook the significance of social media marketing for your business. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, you can use social media for the growth of your business. These channels are highly useful in improving your web traffic and spreading brand awareness. Additionally, since you can get access to your audience insights from social media platforms, you can develop your marketing strategies based on the same to improve conversion. In this article, we are going to share some useful social media marketing tips that would help in improving your conversions. You may also join social media marketing courses for beginners to learn about the best social media practices to meet your different business goals.

Optimizing your social media landing pages

A social media landing page is a section on your website made for social media audiences. The purpose of this landing page is to attract your potential customers & generate leads. Based on the objectives of creating your landing pages, you need to incorporate relevant forms to improve conversion. In this regard, you can use the following types of landing pages.

  • Click-through landing page – The idea behind this type of landing page is to encourage your audience to explore your website further to learn more about your products & services. Joining a social media marketing course can help you learn more about the types of content you might include in landing pages to make your audience interested in exploring your brand further.

  • Lead generation landing page – The purpose of creating this type of landing page is to acquire personal information from potential leads or prospects. It would further help brands to develop the right strategies to convert these leads into businesses.

  • App/ mobile landing page – The objective of this type of landing page is to encourage the audience to download the mobile app.

Use ads and video content to improve conversions

Studies revealed that the human brain can process videos faster than textual content by almost 60,000 times. Hence, including ads and videos as a part of your social media marketing campaign can help in improving your conversion rates. Attend social media advertising courses for beginners to learn about the ways to develop better social media advertising strategies for your brand.

  • Short & engaging videos – Since, people have a low attention span creating short videos would be effective. Otherwise, you carry the risk of losing your viewers. However, while focusing on the length of your video, you must not compromise on its quality. The videos would be engaging and interesting to hold the attention of your viewers.

  • Video testimonials – People usually trust the feedback of other customers that the marketing or promotional activities of the brand. Your existing customers’ reviews of your products and services will act as social proof for other potential customers. A video demonstration of how your customers have used your products and the way it has benefitted them will help in improving your conversion rates.

User-generated content

As mentioned in our last point, video testimonials play a significant role in improving business conversion. However, you need not limit yourself to user-generated content to video forms only. Encourage your audience to share their photos, reviews along with videos on their social media pages and tag your brand. Attending a social media marketing course will help you learn more about the benefits of user-generated content. When it comes to the credibility of your products and services, user-generated content is the best way to convince your prospects. Additionally, you may also share their content on your social media page. In such cases, do not forget to ask their permission before publishing the same on your page. Also, remember to tag them in your posts. Your customers would feel valued and appreciated. It would further help in establishing a strong relationship with your existing customers that would help in customer retention.

Run contests & giveaways on social media

Contests and giveaways are some of the most interesting pieces of content that help in boosting audience engagement. Besides, they are quite useful in increasing the number of followers, email lists, spreading brand awareness, etc.

Based on your business objectives, you need to develop your campaigns accordingly. For instance, if you want to generate leads, you would need the email addresses of your audiences. In such cases, run contests where your target audience would require providing their email address to participate. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to ask for user-generated content for future use. Pursuing a social media marketing course in Singapore would help you learn about tips to run contests and giveaways on social media.

Create content for your target audience

Creating engaging content is not sufficient; you need to maintain its relevance as well. Otherwise, you run the risk of attracting the wrong audience who are not interested in your products & services. To improve your ROI, you need to identify your target audience. Further, you need to check analytics to understand their interests, preferences, etc. It would help you to create the right content for them.

To determine your target audience, you can consider their age group, sex, location, occupation, etc. In simpler words, find out the type of audience for whom your products or services would be beneficial. You may also conduct surveys to find out the type of audience that regularly engages with your social media content. In this regard, do not overlook social media insights to learn about your most active users and the types of content they prefer to engage with.

Therefore, all these social media tips would help you to improve your business conversions. Elevan August Media is a boutique social media marketing agency that can help in developing the right marketing strategies for your brand. They also offer social media marketing courses in Singapore. You can join their courses to learn the best ways to use social media for your business. Besides, you can learn a great deal from various case studies as a part of these courses. It would help to improve your business marketing strategies using social media.

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