10 Tips to improve Local SEO for your Business

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Any business that operates on a regional level and wants to drive local customers must focus on local SEO. This type of SEO practice focuses on improving a website’s ranking on SERPs for searches in a specific location. The main objective of local SEO is to promote a business and its products and services to local customers. Consult an SEO agency Singapore to improve your local SEO to reach and bring in more local customers. In this blog, we would share some useful tips to improve your local SEO for your business.

Create an account on Google My Business

Optimizing your business profile on Google would help you rank high on Google Maps. Additionally, it would also improve your visibility on local search results on Google. You need to create a Google My Business account and add all the necessary business information to that profile. It includes business logos, operating hours, products and services you offer, your contact details, etc. Besides, you must also encourage your customers to review your business. You should also reply to all of your customer’s reviews. An SEO expert Singapore can guide you regarding tips to optimize your Google My Business account.

Get regular views from your happy and satisfied customers

Along with optimizing Google My Business profile, customer reviews also encourage more local customers to purchase from your brand.  After closing a sale, you can ask satisfied customers to send a review. Additionally, do not forget to acknowledge and thank your customers for their feedback. Even if you get negative feedback, you must reply to them professionally. If required, ask for their contact details, such as mail id, and resolve the issue on a one-to-one basis.

Voice search optimization

With the increasing popularity of voice search, you cannot ignore the same for your local SEO. The phrases that people use during voice searches are different from what they type. Identifying these phrases would help you to better optimize your content for local SEO. Additionally, consider user intent for voice search optimization. The reason is that during voice searches, people usually look for specific information. Therefore, you should make that information available for the convenience of your audience. You can hire SEO services Singapore in this regard.

Create content based on local events

One of the effective ways to drive your customer’s attention is to create content around local news or event that they can relate to. For this purpose, create blogs on some local activities, events, news, etc. You can also create videos to support local causes or charities. If your business operates in different parts of a region, setting up location-specific webpages with high-quality content can also help. This type of strategy can help in improving ranking for specific locations.

Mobile Optimization

As the number of mobile users is growing each year, you cannot ignore the significance of mobile optimization for your website. Studies revealed that most of the mobile searches have local intent. Besides, most of these searches end up in in-store or offline visits. Hence, you can easily understand the significance of mobile optimization for local SEO. In this regard, you need to focus on few areas such as faster loading speed of the website, easily readable font, etc. You must ensure that your website should convey all the essential information that your audience might be looking for. You should also not overlook the user experience of your website. A boutique digital marketing agency can help in optimizing your website for mobile users.

Focus on local keywords

When it comes to optimizing local SEO, you should focus on local keywords as they are relevant to your local customers. In this regard, you must remember that the Keyword Planner of Google helps you to filter keywords as per the location. As a result, it would help you identify the popular search phrases in a specific location to target them accordingly. Once you identify the relevant local keywords, you need to include them in Metadata, URL, headings and subheadings, and throughout your content.

Location-Specific page

While we are discussing ways to optimize local SEO, we cannot ignore the significance of location-specific pages. If you run a business in more than one area in a region, create pages with detailed business information for a particular location. It implies providing the contact details (name, address, and phone number), store hours, specific descriptions for individual stores. Additionally, if possible, try to include testimonials, parking availability, etc., for each store. It would also be great if you could include Google Maps for each location page. While creating individual pages for specific locations, you need to create unique content for each page. An SEO agency Singapore can guide you more in this aspect.

Online business directories

Include your business information such as NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) in the online directories can help you gain more visibility and improve your SEO. Along with this crucial information, you must include a backlink to your website and a thorough business description in these directories.

Focus on link signals

Link signals are one of the critical factors for organic local results and local pack results. They are the backlinks to your website. While earning backlinks can help improve local SEO, you need to ensure that they are of high-quality. Creating high-quality content on your website can encourage other authoritative websites to link back to you. You can also write guest blogs on reputed sites with high DA (Domain Authority). You can even collaborate with local influencers on social media to earn backlinks.

Create individual pages for the products or services you offer

Brands might prefer to include all their products or services on a single page on their advice. However, we advise you to avoid doing the same. You should create individual pages for specific products or services. It would help in improving your ranking in local searches.

Therefore, all these tips would help you to improve your local SEO to drive more local customers. Elevan August Media is an SEO expert Singapore that can help develop the right SEO strategy for your business. Feel free to consult them to help you promote your business to local customers.

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